To self-publish is a good way for anyone interested in writing or product creation to make lots of money. There is a huge demand for information and people will pay good money to obtain the information they need. In the information age we have access to a wealth of information that we can provide to anyone in need.

Step1. Research Your Market

Research many different people in the same market you are trying to enter. It’s hard to get your foot in the door but to effectively enter you should ask yourself these questions: 1.What problems can I solve? 2. Who will buy my product? Have I created value for the consumer? And why are they buying my product? After asking yourself these questions you should study hard the industry of choice. Read every book, talk to every person you can find in that industry, and go to many trade shows and seminars. Observing others in the industry in which you are to enter will give you and idea of their marketing strategy. Devise your own strategy to get your product in the hands of your customers.

Step2 Write Your Product

Write your product filled with the information you researched about that industry. Keep your audience in mind and what problems you are to solve. Create value in your product. The information you give in your product should answer the questions that you asked yourself in your market research. This will allow you to precisely pinpoint the needs of your customer.

Step3 Ready Your Product For The Market

The first thing you should do is make sure that your work is ( all written text)flawless. If you have to hire an editor, do so. After editing you should copyright your work. Get a ISBN, SAN, and a Bar Code from Now you should be ready to put your work on your website