If you own an online busines or conduct business online, you may not have thought about how important honesty is in online business.

Think about this. Say you decided to buy a computer and found a good deal on Amazon.com. You buy it, you get the pricy quick shipping, and a month later you have nothing but a credit card charge to show for it. If Amazon.com ripped you off, then I bet you would see the importance of honesty in online business.

This doesn’t happen with Amazon.com. It can happen with other businesses. When I get a client to write a resume for, I can hear the fear often when I ask for upfront payment. That is why I stress honesty in my online writing business.

Online business is particularly volatile, so it is a great place to stress your honesty. This means establishing trust. If you want your customers to trust you more, here are a few ideas to highlight your honesty.

  1. Provide testimonials of happy customers who received work to their specifications.
  2. Offer an accountable system of the work your provide or for your product.
  3. Offer a satisfaction guarantee, and remember to follow through with it.
  4. Remember to thank customers for doing business with you.
  5. Be specific with them. Vague answers create suspicion and make customers uncomfortable.
  6. Be easy to relate to: don’t get too chummy, but don’t be afraid to come off as a person to your customer.
  7. Respect everyone you do business with.

Honest is important is business. My entire business is branded with that idea, but you need not be as extreme. Think about a few ways that you can show your customers that you are someone you can trust. Avoid overselling and under-appreciating the individuality and needs of a customer.