3 Services for the Online Business on a Shoestring Budget
3 Services for the Online Business on a Shoestring Budget

Starting an online business can be exciting and hopeful. It can open up possibilities of financial freedom and liberation from a nine to five job. However, starting an online business can come with a hefty price tag with website construction and maintenance, inventory, and advertising. Here are three helpful low-cost services for the online start-up business that will leave more room for profit in your business budget.

Microsoft Office Live Website Builder
Microsoft Office Live offers a simple, user friendly website builder. For a yearly nominal fee, Office Live offers a domain name, web hosting, multiple emails, and an easy to learn site builder. With Office Live, you’ll not only save money on domain registration and hosting, the site builder is simple enough that the resourceful entrepreneur can design their own site.

Mail Chimp is an e-newsletter service with an irresistible introductory offer. A MailChimp account is free for e-newsletter lists of up to 2000 subscribers. A free MailChimp account will allow you to send up to 12,000 emails per month! MailChimp subscription boxes can easily be added to your website so visitors can subscribe to your newsletter and stay abreast of your ideas, promotions, and sales. The MailChimp campaign builder makes it easy to construct attractive emails for your subscribers.E-junkie
If you’d like to sell digital goods like e-books or music downloads, E-junkie is a great place to begin. For just five dollars a month (at the time of this writing) you can upload up to 10 digital goods for secure storage and offer them to your customers through a secure shopping cart on your website or blog. With E-junkie and the proper promotion your website can earn revenue 24 hours a day.