1. The first thing to realize is that while the saying goes: “It takes money to make money” that money does not have to be millions and millions of dollars. After all, you want to make millions because you don’t have it. So don’t be discouraged if people tell you that you need a lot of money. Some of the wealthiest entrepreneurs started with less money than would fill a Ford Pinto’s gas tank .

2. Be realistic. Decide what to do you want to do as a business. Be it selling flowers, creating e-cards, starting an e-Bay business, running an automotive forum or even generating ad revenue from your blog, the goal is the same: make money. Narrow your focus but don’t be too rigid. Allow fluidity to be a part of you and don’t be afraid to take some risks.

3. Try passive income. Did you know you can get paid from displaying ads on your blog or website? Every time someone clicks on an ad displayed on your site, you earn money from that click. Think it’s too good to be true? I did until I Googeled “Earn money online” You’d be amazed at the amount of money some people are raking in. Google’s AdSense program can help you generate cash on your blog, website, or even Bukisa, this site. Be informative and look for ways to earn money. It’s working smarter, not harder.

4. Again, be realistic. Don’t get your head in the clouds with money dreams. Remember, generating ad revenue or selling items on eBay is only as good as the content or products you are offering. People need a reason to come to your site. Give them reason by offering them something that can enrich their lives and make them feel better. Giving back to society is one the greatest things an individual can do, so make your business count.

5. Yahoo!, Google, eBay, Blogger, and other sites offer ways and information on how to start up a successful Internet business. Give your idea a go and don’t be afraid to try something new!