Internet visitors want to find solutions to their problems or answers to their questions every time they click a link. They would always expect to get information that is related to the keywords of key phrases that they type. As the number of people using the internet increases, the need for more quality content articles also increases. It is because there are even more problems that need to be and questions to be answered. It is here where article marketing can be used to provide the needed internet content and at the same time to increase the exposure of your business – for free!

Article marketing refers to the online advertising strategy used by businesses. By writing articles that usually contain between 500 and 750 words about their business products or services, they get free space in the internet. These articles contain a resource box that is found at the bottom. It bears the name of the author and that of the business, with links to its website.

For article marketing to be used as an effective tool to increase the exposure of your business, the articles must compel the readers to click the link to your website. After reading the article and knowing that it was written by someone who has the same interest as theirs, there is a very high chance that they would visit your website and thereby achieve your goal of increased exposure at no cost.

Well written articles do not just target increased web traffic. They are well meaning and of top caliber. Quality should not be sacrificed with search engine optimization. Needless to say, there is danger of abuse. Any one can write just any article containing targeted keywords or phrases and obtain the same results. However, such is not the real purpose of article marketing. There is then a call for good article marketing.

For the reason that articles written for article marketing have already the targeted group of readers, the only problem that the author has to deal with is how to attract the reader to click the website link. As a whole, the content of the articles must be informative enough. These must be relevant to the interest of the targeted readers.

How then can article marketing increase the exposure of your business? One of the answers points back to how well written the article is. Another question is: How should the articles be written?

You must remember that article marketing is basically search engine optimization. There is then a need to focus and give importance on the criteria for SEO.

First, focus on the keywords that are on demand in your niche market. These keywords are the ones that visitors use to find you. Without the correct keywords or phrases, your article will never be “found” by the search engine.

Second, search fot the most relevant content for your article. Be aware that many other writers are writing articles that are similar with yours. However, you can still get more visitors to read you when you give them what they need. Try to approach the topic in another different angle or give it a twist, but never go off-center.

Third, write the article as if you are writing your best work. This could be the most difficult part, but once you have done this well, you win everything. You just cannot let anybody else do this for you.

Fourth, be sure that your article is error-free in all aspects. Readers just won’t tolerate even some simple mistakes. You might need to pause for some time after you have finished writing your article. Better ideas usually come later which would make your article more reader-friendly.

Firth and finally, find good article directories where you will submit your article. Both your and the article directories are benefited. They collect revenues out of the advertisements that go with your articles, and your business gets increased exposure to your niche market. Increase exposure of your business through article marketing by writing articles that get the readers into them. Once they get hooked on your writings, they will finally want to know more about your business.