During the course of my research I have fond that a lot of people online feel there is not a lot of money that can be made in self-publishing. After speaking with several people who have self published their own books I found the opposite to be very true. It really is possible to turn self publishing into a very profitable experience. There are several factors that will play a key role in selling a large number of copies. Keep in mind that when you self publish, usually the online companies will suggest that you go with print on demand. Don’t be surprised if people tell you that you will not make money with print on demand.

The first key to making your book a success is to make sure that you have it professionally proofread before you publish it. The one thing you don’t want to do is publish a book that has a ton of errors in it. If this is your first book you really need to make it stand out. Many people who have self published and made a nice amount of money say that it is very important to promote and make an online buzz about your new book. If you don’t already belong to any online book clubs or groups then you should join a few.

These are great places to create a buzz about your book before you even finish it. Remember the more excited people become about your book, the more likely they will be to want to purchase it once it becomes available. Some people will tell you to start advertising once your book is published and available. I have found this to be one of the biggest mistakes when it comes to self publishing. Why not learn from the professionals and follow their lead. They don’t wait until a new movie is out before letting people know about it. They fully advertise it and blow it up in some cases before it is even finished. Just remember that if you are excited and passionate about your book, then others will also become excited about your book. It is also important that you make sure your first book leaves them wanting more. After reading your first book people should be eagerly awaiting your second book. That is really the kind of excitement that you want with your book. It really is not difficult to sell five hundred copies or more of a self published book if you know how to market it, and create the right buzz. Those who say that self publishing is not profitable usually say so because they have not been very successful with it. From personal experience I can tell you it can be a very profitable experience, but you have to really be ready to work for it.