The first step in marketing your tutoring business is to figure out the niche you are going to tutor. Are you going to tutor Elementary ? K-12? College? Private School? ACT/SAT? These are the decisions you need to make before marketing your service.
       Once you have decided the niche you are going to tutor, you need to get a list of the GUIDANCE COUNSELORS in the schools for that particular demographic. Contact all of those counselors via email, phone, personal letter–whatever it takes–to set up a meeting with them. At that meeting with the counselors, discuss your tutors’ credentials, your tutoring business philosophy, and what separates you from the competition. Ask for referrals.

        After counselors, the best way to market your tutoring service is to TEACHERS. Find a list of all teachers in the demographic you are going to tutor and contact them via email, phone call, personal letter–whatever it takes–to set up meetings. At that meeting discuss the same criteria you discussed with the counselors. Ask for referrals.
      After counselors and teachers, Market to your CONTACTS. Make a list of all your personal, business, social, religious contacts and send them a brochure, give them a call, send them an email–whatever it takes–to let them know that you are in the education business. You don’t necessarily have to set up meetings with your contacts–letting them know what you do for a living should suffice. These are the 3 best ways to market your tutoring service. Read subsequent articles on other ways to market your service