Step1)   Monthly Small Business Financial Goals are pivotal if you are to remain afloat. Revenue is the lifeblood of all businesses, whether they are large or small. Step 1) Set your FINANCIAL GOALS for that month. How much money will you bring in? Make those financial goals realistic especially if it’s a new small business.
          Step 2) Make a STRATEGY for achieving those goals. If your small business is to gross $20,000 this month, how will that goal be achieved?You have to know the means of achieving your financial objectives at all times or your goals will just be an illusion.
           Step 3) TRACK YOUR STRATEGY. Is your strategy working in achieving your financial objective? If not, you need to modify it. Be patient for a month or two, then change it.
            Step 4) BE ACCOUNTABLE to your financial objectives. If you were planning on bringing in $20,000 in revenue this month, then you need to achieve that objective and try to surpass it. Do not get into the habit of coming up short. You can modify your strategy, but do not modify your financial goals b/c that’s why we become entrepreneurs in the first place. Work hard!