A lot of people want to start an online business or at the very least they would like to use the internet to promote their current business. Well the first thing you want to do is chose a domain name, which is the same as a url or web address. You should chose a domain name which is directly related to your business. For example if your business is about model train sets, you could use

You should go to

As soon as they opt in with their name and email address they will receive an email thanking them for opting in. Afterwards your prospective customer will start to receive a series of emails from your auto responder. The next email will go out one hour later, the next 2 days later, the next 2 days later, the next 7 days later, and the next 14 days later. So you need to get set up with a web hosting company to make sure your site is up and running 24/7. They will probably charge you a minimal fee. Next you need to get set up with a company to send your emails by way of an auto responder.

How to Start an Online Business
How to Start an Online Business

The email addresses that you are capturing when they opt in are the starting point for building your list of prospective customers. As your list continues to receive emails, which of course should have good quality content, you are building rapport and establishing a relationship. Your customers are getting to know you and trust you because you are communicating with them on a daily basis. The reason for building this list is because you eventually want to sell them a product and at some point in time maybe about your 8th or 9th email you will need a hyperlink that directs your clients to a sales page to sell them a product.

Now the question is how do you get prospective customers to go to your url which directs them to your squeeze page. First of all your url should have some keywords which are picked up by the search engines such as Google, Msn, and Yahoo. These keywords will ensure that your information can be found by those searching the internet for whatever it is you are selling.

Next you should write articles and submit them to some of the free ezines. Your articles should also have keywords in them. Here is how you articles should be formatted, first of all you will have a title which as you probably guessed should have one or two keywords included and then there is a summary of your article. The summary is three or four lines that summarizes what the article is about. It should be compelling as should the title which will ensure others will want to read the entire article.

The very next portion of the letter is the body and it too should have keywords. The last part is a place for your bio. In the bio you want to include your name and company name and what you do along with your credentials. Also include your URL and this is very key because when someone clicks on your URL it will direct them to your website or your squeeze page giving them the option to opt in with their name and email and thus being added to your list.

Here is another good benefit of writing articles if someone likes your articles they can download them, of course they should leave all of your contact information intact, (bio), unto their own website and when someone comes to their website they can download them unto their website if they chose to do so. It has a domino effect. Your one article could get circulated around and eventually become 10 or 15 or even 100 articles and all with your URL attached in the bio allowing prospective clients the opportunity to be opt in on your squeeze page. www.modeltrains.com as your domain name. www.godaddy.com to see if that url is available if it is not you will have to chose another one. Godaddy will let you know if it is taken by someone else already. Now you need to have your web designer set up a mini website called a squeeze page. This squeeze page should have some compelling information on it, enticing enough to make customers input their name and email address. To do this you use words that capture attention such as amazing, incredible, awesome techniques to help you make money online”. Along with this you may want to offer a free product such as a CD, or a newsletter. People always want something for free and this will make them more likely to key in their name and email address.