Recent reports from USA Today show that more people are reading ebooks, and the market is swelling with novels from self-published authors. The market for ebooks continues to expand and indie authors are rushing to fill the gap. But you don’t need to be a writer to start cashing in on the trend. Many entrepreneurs are making money by catering to this new, and quick-growing, group of self-published authors.


You don’t have writing skills and you’re not a novelist, so how could you help self-published authors when it comes to writing their novels? There are a few services you could provide to authors even before they self-publish their work:

  • Proofreading services: You don’t have to be great at writing if you’re good at spotting spelling and punctuation mistakes. If you’re very detail-oriented and good at spotting these types of errors, start offering paid proofreading services online.
  • Beta reader: Even if you don’t write, you can still enjoy reading. If you like reading and want to possibly earn some extra income, offer paid beta reading services. Beta readers will read a book before it’s published, and point out any flaws they find in the manuscript to the author.
  • Paid reviews: Authors need feedback in order to improve their writing. Give it to them in the form of paid review services. Some companies, like Kirkus Reviews , have been very successful at doing this.


Writing the book is just the beginning of the self-publishing journey. Authors need to do a lot more work on their books before they’re fit for selling. Some authors find themselves unable or unwilling to do all this work themselves, and they turn to professional services instead.

  • Book covers: Artistic and good with graphic design? You could earn money by making book covers for indie authors. It’s very common in the self-publishing industry to purchase book covers.
  • Blurb writing: Are you good at writing sales copy? If you can create catchy taglines and you’re good and convincing people to buy things, you just might be a great blurb writer. Offer this service to indie authors who don’t want to write their own.
  • Formatting: If you’re not good with art and words, maybe you’re good with coding. Authors have to format their books so that they can be read by ereaders. Because there are so many online bookstores and ereaders out there, a single book has to be put into many different formats in order for it to be sold across different sites. For example, Amazon ebooks are uploaded in .Mobi format. Nook’s self-publishing platform accepts .ePub files. Offer ebook formatting to self-published authors, and you’ll be offering a valuable service.


Self-published authors may need all sorts of help along the way to turn a manuscript into an ebook that anyone can buy and read. Entrepreneurs who offer services can earn money by giving those authors what they need. But there is one service that all self-published authors want and eventually will need: marketing.

  • Social media: Do you know how to get Twitter and Facebook followers? Are you good at crafting interesting status updates? Sell your services to self-published authors, who need a fan base in order to sell their books. Make lists of readers, book bloggers and authors involved with the self-publishing world. Connect authors with potential readers and bloggers, and sell your social media services.
  • Reviewers: Self-published authors need reviews. Start making lists of book bloggers who review self-published and indie authors. Make contacts and forge connections with them. When authors hire your services, pitch these books to the appropriate reviewers.
  • Book Tours: Book tours are big in self-publishing. These are events where indie authors promote their latest book across a variety of blogs. Special giveaways and book reviews often mark these events. Make connections with book bloggers and come up with special author packages in order to start offering this marketing service.

Cashing In

What’s the real secret of success? Find a need, and fill it. The self-publishing craze has created a lot of need in the ebook industry. Fill those needs well, and you could forge yourself a brand-new career.