What is a Business Card ??

An Business Card has all the necessary information regarding comapny or individual. Generally the information is very much important for the business growth and propaganda. Generally Every single company and every single business professional has his/her Business Card. An Business Card is sort of identity about an individual or about the company’s products.

Generally in a busy schedule much of the information extraction is not possible for an individual or company, there comes the necessity of the Business Card. Business Card has many standards behind it. Some of them deal with size, template, color etc.

The business stationary is a way of creating a corporate identity. It gives a true idea of one’s personality in a good smart way.

Business card is used to get you known to people. It allows you to get more contacts and communicate with lots of people.

  • All the information regarding you i.e. Your name,position,your job in the company, address, a logo(if any) & your contact number.
  • Your card should have the proper size, if it does not fit in the card holder or may be your wallet then we may just find it in a drawer or thrown in the dustbin.
  • The approximate size of the card should be 31/2 inches by 2 inches. The font should for it may be 8-10 for name and business name and about 6.5-8 for address and other information.