Have you ever gone to www.jcfreewriter.com? Well, that is my website… I am going to tell you how I have created a small online business from home. It was extremely easy for me to do. If any of you have heard of wix.com, you would find out that it is a website that makes it easy for people to build websites by means of a drag-n-drop method. If you plan on getting into business online and you’re not too much of a computer whiz, I highly recommend a website builder to help you out!

I built my website from wix.com. Its main function is to share written content that I have written online such as articles and blog posts! Many people would ask me how I get paid. Really it is quite simple, I sell advertising space to online business owners. They can come from anywhere: online stores, websites like mine, or people in a home-based business opportunity. I deal with them all!

How I Got My Blog and Started My Small Online Business!
How I Got My Blog and Started My Small Online Business!

How I keep it going!

I am involved with business networking. I look for people that have business websites that may be willing to be advertised on my blog. And believe me, there are thousands of online business owners getting involved in business networking. It is just a matter of finding businesses what will find interest in your line of work and making them potential customers!

Another way I keep my business going is by sharing blog posts on promotional websites like: StumbleUpon, Digg, etc. This expands my audience by a landslide and could create potential customers and loyal fans of my blog, which means… a bigger and more receptive audience to online ads! Of course, business cards can work at getting the word out too.

And here is yet, another way I keep business going: I make deals! Don’t be afraid of giving coupons that give a 75% or even a 100% discount, from time to time. If business owners find my website advertising services to be effective for their online business! They tend to be more willing to take a deal and spend a little money to become a client of mine! The same can go for you.

A Little Advice! One thing you may want to do is create a separate email account, strictly for business! This will keep your job more focused on whatever emails you may get from potential clients. And unfortunately, any complaints your customers may have. It is all part of having your own small business. If you are interested in making a small business, it is best to know what to expect. And you should expect anything from any corner.