You are most likely aware that the biggest part of good associate marketing is marketing. It always seems to amaze me that not every internet associate marketer use the free traffic generators like hit exchange to drive targeted traffic to their affiliate webpages, sponsor new team members, and of course build more commissions with your internet home business and even earn passive income.

You are most likely aware, most affiliate promoter s never get to generate good sums of money online, most often because they never took the time to learn how to market, promote, and sell online. They have a hard time generating hits to their links, visits to their sites, and therefore they have a very difficult time with making money. The good news is that for newcomers and more experienced marketers alike, free traffic systems like hit exchange can be an easy and cost free way to get some solid traffic to grow your internet home based business.

 It is a totally free and easy way to publicize your affiliate links. Here is how it works. You join a free traffic exchange like Traffic Swarm. Then you earn credits for viewing other races website pages.

often there’s a timer that’ll be one or two seconds. You simply stay on that page for the allotted time, and then move on to the next. For each webpage that you view, you will have a credit that will permit someone else to view your pages.

Even by just spending an our a day viewing other webpages, you can generate a large amount of page views for yourself. I have personally used this strategy to generate some new team member for my affiliate downline, as well as some further cash.

This should not be your primary source of advertising, but it creates a nice addition to the fundamentals like PPC marketing, article marketing, classified advertising, and blogging. Hey, its free and effective, so why not give it a try. It may add a pleasant boost to your affiliate promotion campaign.