Growing a business from nothing to an empire is not a joke or a day job. It takes discipline and commitment to grow. You don’t just sit around and wish your business to grow; you have to be up and doing. The difference between a business empire and a one-shop business is the disposition of the owner.

In your quest of growing your own business empire, there are things you must do and things you must avoid. In this article, we shall be looking at what you must do to grow your business. First and foremost, know that the kind of business you are doing does not determine your success level at the business. There are people doing the so called ‘minor’ businesses that are making it and there are those doing the ‘big’ businesses that are wallowing in debts. It is all about your determination and commitment that will determine your business growth.

I am going to highlight some of the tips you can follow to grow your business empire.

·         The business you want to grow must be one that you are passionate about. This is because when the going is tough, it is your passion for what you are doing that will keep you going. Don’t expect to see great result at the early stage of the business. Great things take time to grow, just like plants; all the great trees in the forest don’t grow overnight, they take time to grow. This is why I said you should be passionate about the business you are into, so that when you don’t see results immediately, you will persist.

·         Don’t spend your initial profit; rather reinvest it into your business. There is a saying that you don’t eat with ten fingers. If you spend your profit, before you know it, you’ll start spending your capital. Discipline yourself not to be carried away with the euphoria of having great profits; most times you need to sit down and calculate your net profit before you know you are really not making so much money as you imagined

·         Cut down expenses. Growing a business entails incurring expenses and if care is not taken, you end up spending more than you are actually making. You don’t need large staff on your payroll when you are starting out; part time workers would be better sometimes and if you don’t really need any staff, don’t hire them. In addition, all other unnecessary expenses should be done away with. Be prudent in your expenses.

·         Set short term and long term goals for your business and keep working at them until you achieve them. If you don’t have goals you can’t move forward in life. The same goes for your business, the goal you set is like your blueprint that will take your business to where you want it to be. But remember to set realistic goals.

·          Have a positive mentality towards success. Believe that you will succeed in your business. Don’t cripple your business potentials with fear and negative attitude. Always have this at the back of your mind, that if others have succeeded and are still succeeding in businesses, then yours won’t be an exception.

·         Have role model(s). There are people who have done what you are doing now and have succeeded. Study how they made it. Make friends with them. Learn from them. By learning from them, you will be able to avoid their pitfalls.

·         Be open to learn. Have an open heart. Be passionate about learning new ways to improve your business. Don’t work with obsolete methods. Things are changing every day and you have to keep abreast of information in order to make the best out of your business.