The majority of people jump into Internet marketing without first knowing what they want to achieve. It is OK if you are just learning online promotion, the major problem is if you don’t have a plan or blueprint to implement in your internet business. If you don’t have a route plan, you might end up in the middle of nowhere, just like many online marketers, who give up after trying everything still not getting anywhere. Remember: the key is willpower planning and testing. In the same order.

Online Business Set Up Blueprint
Online Business Set Up Blueprint

In any online business the first step is creating a promotion plan.
You have to decide on:
– which niche would you like to target.
– do you want to become an affiliate for other merchants or create your own products, maybe buy PLR (private label rights) or MRR (Master Resell Rights) products and sell them
– what kind of traffic generation methods you want to use – how are you going to get subscribers- if you set up your own site what type will it be?
– a blog
– a membership site
– an affiliate site
– You have to budget on setting up your business broken down to hosting, web design, traffic, any outsourcing, traffic generation

You know, that’s where most people actually go totally wrong. They are told by the gurus that it is easy as pie to set up an online business, but the truth is: you can get distracted 1 million times by new offers, programs, magic buttons, and if you don’t have a plan, you will just go around in circles not getting anywhere.

I am sharing with you an easy blueprint to set up an internet business with little or no cost without a website
and with no products of your own.
1. Find a niche that you can target using Google’s keyword research tool and other online resources. Don’t enter too competitive niches unless you find a keyword you can use that has loads of searches monthly and low competition.

2. Find an affiliate program or sign up for a CPA network that runs multiple offers from your niche
and find a product to promote on the web and on autopilot.

3. Create social media profiles and videos related to the product and the problem your product
promises to provide a solution for
4.Set up a WordPress blog (free or paid) and create articles on the topic, also submit the articles
to several article directories free. Write the site content, profile pages videos and articles
around your chosen niche keyword.

5. Submit all your posts and articles, videos to social bookmarking sites, you can get loads of bookmarking services for free, and they are really easy to use. Remember: you only have to set up your profile once on every site, it might be time consuming but definitely worth the effort when it comes to driving effective traffic to your affiliate marketing offers.

6. Wait for the free traffic to hit your site and cash in the checks. You have to have your online payment accounts ready by the time you will make profit, and don’t leave registering as self employed to the last minute.

7. Repeat the same steps as many times as you wish, but don’t forget to re-submit your links, listings and pages as often as possible. This is a highly effective and quick way to create profit online as an affiliate or selling your own products. Doesn’t require much investment you can easily duplicate it as many times as you want within your online business. You can enter new niches, or set up new websites, depending on how profitable this method has proven to be, you can buy traffic and relax.