• Who will I sell to?

• What will I sell?

• How will I sell it?

• How will a website help get it done?

• What are the financial goals for this business?

These questions are not very easy to answer. Yet completely answering there questions is mandatory. Without answering them, much of the time you spend will be a waste.

On the other hand, if you answer these questions definitively, every move you make will lead you closer to having a great successful business. The last question will probably be the easiest for you to answer. For many, the answer will be, “To make a business working part time from my house that will grow enough for me to give up my

current job and work online from the comfort of my own home doing what i like.” What i will say next assumes your answer is close to the above response. The first question may be more difficult to answer. But it is the most important because you are going to spend a lot of your time with your customers. It’s difficult to like what you do it you dont like who you do it with. Finding suitable answers to the questions takes a lot of study and thought. As you carry on, spotlight on all of them together. What i mean by that, is make everything flow and make sense, as well as enjoying it. To begin, write down a few thoughts about each question. After you did this, start making your full fledged business plan.  This process will take a long time depending on how many hours you put into it. You need to know where your business is headed before you start dishing out money for stuff in your business and website.

I would suggest getting out your pensil and paper right now and making a starting point. Write down each of the questions, and put your initial answer to them. Now go research each of the question and write a well thought out paragraph for each of the questions.

  1. If you do your due diligence on this business plan, you will be on your way to making a business that is bound for success from the beginning. You should repeat these steps on any new business you plan on starting. Every venture is an adventure and you should plan your trip very well. This is an excerpt from www.wowtalentspecs.com/1001Tips.html