“Google trends”, along with its perceived benefits, is something not yet fully made known to many people especially those who are engaged in online businesses.

This is actually a very useful tool that adds a dimension of opportunities to earn more, utilizing the world’s most popular search engine: Google.

Let’s learn more about it.

What is Google Trends?

Optimizing Your Online Business with Google Trends
Optimizing Your Online Business with Google Trends

Google Trends is a service created by Google Inc. that reveals the number of times a particular keyword is entered in Google searches over a specified period of time, based on search volumes in different parts of the world. Having knowledge about popular keywords, you will surely be able to have a clear view of the people’s interests, thus helping you decide what products and services to offer in your online business.

Google trends can be further subdivided into Hot Topics and Hot Searches.

Updated on a regular basis, “Hot Topics” reveals what people are talking about, based on different web sources such as Facebook and Twitter.

On the other hand, “Hot Searches” is updated every hour and gives you an overview about what the general public thinks about, based on specific terms entered in public searches.

Using Google Trends, you will know the right keywords to use in enhancing the web visibility of your online products, contents and services, thereby optimizing productivity. Simply type a keyword, and you’ll instantly know where it stands in the public’s thoughts and interests.

Regions and Cities

Google Trends has its way of determining the regions and the cities where searches came from, by checking the IP addresses of internet users. Having this information in mind will eventually enable you to decide on where to promote your online products and services.


By checking the language version of the Google website used by internet users, Google Trend is also able to detect the demand of keywords and topics on certain countries, thus allowing you to narrow down your advertizing efforts to specific nationalities.

It can therefore be concluded that “Google Trends” is a valuable tool to help you optimize the efficiency of your online business; utilizing information on when, where and whom to advertize your online products and services.