If your question is HOW to use the social networks to benefit your
business? here are some answers, some principles to keep in mind.

If you are on  FaceBook – and can’t quit see how leaving a short little message “What are you doing right now” serves any purpose to  your business,

Now, think about this.

It’s more about building relationships; when you are using these media to
build relationships with people so that when you DO leave the short
little messages, people will respond, they feel they are informed.

For example, when you’re out there socializing, you should be building your network with the intention of including potential clients, customers, potential partners, and so on.Use these places as a platform to build relationships around your business.

From my experience, you alway will be clicking with someone and develop a deeper relationship, on a different level, outside of that network.

Let’s take Facebook as an example. My Facebook page is a blend of
personal and business. The personal stuff I share allows my business
associates to get to know me more as a person, to connect with me
beyond my business, to connect on a different level.

I participate in groups outside those networks – started my own blog page, besides my web page, – http://yourbestsource.blogspot.com (where you find lots of sources for your business, or develop a secondary business or so)

I use that page for business updates, promotions and also in my status
updates, as on Facebook.

All of these things help people get to know me, but they also are part
of my marketing – they drive traffic to my web site, recommend my business to other friends or networks.

There is definitely a strategy involved with all of this, and if you
go about it blindly, you may not see very great results, however, learning is a life time process.