Step 1) Step back a little. First Make your Yearly Business Plan, Monthly Business Plan, Weekly Action Plan, and now onto the daily action plan. The Daily business action plan should be a subcategory of the weekly business action plan.2

Step 2) What can you do today that will have the most value on your business? This is the fundamental question you need to ask yourself. Most of the time, this will be a financial decision (what will bring in the most money), but not always. 3
Step 3) Next, Prioritize your time in the day. What needs to be be done first to make the most money? Second? Third? Your time should be allotted by what particular task needs to be completed which will bring in the most money.
Step 4) Allot a certain amount of time–say 4 hours–to a certain task to be accomplished. Work on the task only the 4 hours. You’ve got to learn to set aside large segments of time to completing tasks; otherwise, you’ll be jumping from one thing to the next at a customer’s