In fact, starting a home based business is a great business idea for the average person to make money part time or even turn into a full time work at home venture. In this article we discuss a Wedding Photography Business which uses good photography skills along with a high end digital camera.

Home Based Business

Marriage is a very important event to those involved. And of course they desire professional quality wedding photographs to remember the momentous occasion and to share with all their friends and family. The commercial photography business is very competitive but there is room for the ambitious person with good basic photography skills to carve a nice profitable niche in this area by catering to smaller wedding parties on a tight budget. And offering candid shots along with posed shots to capture the joyous mood with a good quality digital camera. Here’s a tip: Charge less than established photographers in the community to attract new customers.

The digital camera is slowly but surely replacing the popularity of the 35 millimeter camera. And digital camera quality has improved considerably within the last few years. In fact, quality along with performance has improved enough to compete with 35 millimeter cameras. And the quality will continue to improve as more professional photographers turn to the digital camera for photographing subjects.

Duties. The business owner will use their photographic skills along with the best quality digital camera they can afford to take professional quality wedding photographs. And of course nice candid shots of the wedding party, guests. Then, upload pictures to their computer. Print out pictures. Sell the wedding photographs to the customer for an agreed upon fee.

Startup Cost. This varies according to the photographers skill level, equipment needed, and advertising methods. In general figure in digital camera cost, other equipment, office supplies, photography supplies, and advertising methods.

Photography Equipment

  • Digital Camera
  • Photographic Software
  • Editing Software
  • Computer
  • Photographic Paper
  • Peripherals
  • Other Photographic Supplies

Photography Skills

Photographic skills gained through work experience, hobby, practice, education. Artistic eye and sensitivity to what is a good camera shot. Digital camera skills, computer skills to process the wedding pictures.

Photography Income

This depends on the competition in the community and how aggressively the photographer markets the wedding photography business to potential customers.

Photography Advertising

The best advertising method for the Wedding Photography Business is word of mouth advertising or referrals from satisfied customers.

Photography Best Customers

The best customers for the photography business would be people in the community. Or friends, family members, neighbors.

Use the information included here to launch a successful Wedding Photography Business.