What makes a client happy can be really important. They pay the service bill and the tip. The happier the client is the more likely they will come back. Recommendations from a client will increase your clientele in turn will increase your income.



Clean, Clean, Clean!!
Nail and acrylic dust get everywhere. Laying your hands in someone else’s dust, EWWWW! That dust came from someone else’s hands. It could have bacteria or fungus. Also make sure it’s not on any of your tools. No one wants to see a nail clipper pulled out covered in dust or DNA.
Make sure your work area and tools are Clean, clean, clean



  • Ask the client what they want.
    Happy clients mean more money. Make sure you understand what the client is asking for by repeating the request. Don’t be afraid to make a recommendation. When your client leaves with beautiful nails they will tell their friends.


Tell the client what you are doing.
Don’t surprise them by snipping the tip of a nail without letting them know. If you need to do a repair. Give the options and let the client decide.



Be friendly.
You might be the only friendly or adult conversation your client gets for weeks. Some people go to salons to get away from work, kids, in-laws, crazy neighbors or anyone else they need space from in their life.
When your client knows you are friendly and will do the services they want, they will come to your salon but will wait for YOU to wait on them. They will also tell all their friends. Don’t be afraid to hand out a business card. Don’t forget even if they come in for a $3 nail repair, they are looking for you. Add it up over time and it can be a bundle from one client



Turn your cell phone off. You are at work and your client should have all your attention. They are spending a lot of money to have their nails done. Pay attention to them. Make small talk even if its just about what is on TV, the weather, new polish colors or products and services.



Speak the local language. If your client speaks English, Please speak English. If you sit in front of them and speak to another tech in a foreign language you will alienate your client. They will assume you are talking about them and be unlikely to return. If neither of you speak the same language do the best you can to be friendly.



Stay up to date.
Make sure all old separated polish is tossed. Please update your magazines. Every little thing makes you look like you really care. Do make sure you have all the hottest new colors and techniques available.



Compliment your clients nails. You have done the work and you know it looks nice. Don’t be afraid to say
“You are all finished and your nails are beautiful.” A compliment will resonate for hours with in your clients head.
Memorize a few kind compliments so when you have a client will roll off your tongue with ease.



Know when to bite your tongue.
What to do if you get a cell phone chatting, grouchy, yellow nail beasty of a client. Its just better to keep your mouth closed and push through the best you can. Kind comments to keep your work with in your standard are helpful. “Could I get you to keep you hand still for just a moment so I can put you polish on perfectly.” Then say “Thank you.”



In the end be polite. I have enjoyed when I have been asked “would you like to buy a bottle of matching polish for quick touch ups in between manicures?”