Once you have the construction of your ecommerce site underway it is important to take a few things into consideration with regard to making sales. Convincing visitors to make a purchase from your site presents a number of challenges. But, if you consider what goes into make a sale in real life and convert these ideas into copy for your site.

The main thing you must do is show and tell your visitor exactly how and where to make a purchase. Even if you think the process is obvious, spell it out. Do everything you can to “take them by the hand” and lead them to the shopping cart. Once there, make sure the check out process is easy to complete.

How to Maximize Sales at Your Ecommerce Site
How to Maximize Sales at Your Ecommerce Site

Put your shopping cart button in places that are easy to find. Remember that most people expect to find the most important things on your site in the upper right hand corner. Use images and text to draw their attention to it. There should be buy buttons and links to your order page or shopping cart on every page of your web site.

Offer as many payment options as you possibly can. Once of them should be PayPal. It is the way most people like to pay online, especially since all of the credit card company shenanigans. Lots of online customers say, if they can’t buy it with PayPal, they don’t buy it

Offer multiple delivery options. If you’re only offering UPS delivery or USPS delivery, state that clearly before the end of the process. The U.S. Postal Service is falling out of favor in many places in the U.S. where there is a high incidence of mail theft and non-delivery.

Include a method to track the packages and to contact you in case there is a problem with delivery.

Show that you are a reliable and trustworthy seller. If you happen to sell on ebay, use your good rating to demonstrate your trustworthiness. Include appropriate testimonials about the speed and efficiency of your delivery.

Make sure that your site’s SSL Certificate is up to date. These are basic ways to maximize your sales.