The sale is one of the most popular methods for increasing business in a retail location. The same holds true for ecommerce websites. A sale encourages customers to not only come in and look, but to purchase more items than they would normally purchase.

A one-time sale is beneficial for that month only. But, having monthly sales is better, especially online. Websites, ecommerce and otherwise, must create what is known as stickiness. Your website is sticky if people are drawn back to it again and again. Announcing on the front page of your ecommerce website that you will have a new sale every month will surely keep people coming back.

Ideas for Monthly Ecommerce Sales
Ideas for Monthly Ecommerce Sales

Ideas for Monthly Ecommerce Sales

If you have spent any time in retail sales, you will be familiar with the type of sales that stores can have. Buy One, Get One Free is a popular sale. However, this is usually done with products with a high mark-up value, or with the expectation of the buyer purchasing more than just one item. You can have Buy One, Get One 20% Off, or a similar discount given.

Another great monthly sale idea is giving away a free gift. If you have access to different wholesale product sources, you are sure to be able to find an item of general interest that will not cut into your profits much. For example, if you sell woman’s clothing, you might like to give a tiny heart charm away for free. If you sell automotive products, you could give an air freshener or a steering wheel cover.

Creating Sales That Encourage Spending

The prime reason to have a sale is to encourage more spending. They just do not work if you have a sale and the end result is people getting things for less money. That way, you will have reduced your profit.

One good thing about the temporary reduction in profit is that you will have attracted more customers. It is easier to keep a customer, or to get one to return, than it is to find a new one to begin with.

By holding a sale on your ecommerce website every month, you will be encouraging your customers to return again and again. While they may not make a purchase every time they visit, they will be eager to find out if they can get a better deal in the future. Varying the types and lengths of sales is always a great idea. This will encourage spending and greater volume purchasing on your ecommerce website, thus increasing profits.