Artists can put their talent to work to build any of these home business opportunities with little start-up costs and can be modeled to fit any medium, from painting to illustrating.Each of these home business opportunities require little investment to start. By using social media, blogs and online press release distribution artists can get the word out about the business with little or no cost.

Eco Artist

One of the growing home business opportunities, eco artists find creative ways to turn everyday items into artwork. Using recycled or discarded materials, artists can turn tin cans into robots, bottle caps into baskets or old magazines into picture frames. Strong creativity and an ability to find new ways to give seemingly mundane objects new life will go a long way. Eco art can be sold online, at green festivals or art shows.

Handmade Invitations

Making special events even more memorable is the focus of the home business opportunity. Whether a wedding invitation or a baby shower invitation, artists can use their creativity to create unique handmade invitations. The invitations created for special events may also help inspire the theme and decorations for the event which may lead to additional business opportunities. Handmade invitations can be sold online, at bridal or baby fairs

Wall Murals

This home business opportunity allows artistic individuals to help homeowners and businesses transform walls into visual points of interest. Painting wall murals allows artists the opportunity to transform bedrooms into whimsical lands, turn media rooms into an art deco theater or make a conference room one that invites creativity. To market this business, consider displaying pictures of the wall murals at home shows, submitting press releases to local media and advertising in the home section of the local newspaper. Network with builders to provide new homeowners with the chance to have a unique wall mural placed in their home before they move in.

Art Parties

Artists who enjoy teaching others how to complete an art project may enjoy running their own art party business. Parties can be held at a client’s location or in a home studio. Each session artists would provide guests with the opportunity to learn how to paint a portrait, decorate a ceramic tile or draw a favorite animal. This fun home business opportunity turns a party into a memorable event for all the guests in attendance. Consider providing art activities at local fairs and festivals to build awareness for this home business opportunity.

To take advantage of any of these home business opportunities, artists need to research online marketplaces to discover the setting that is best suited for their artwork. Access to a computer, digital camera and the internet is also required for posting items for sale online.