Running an ecommerce sales business is all about the numbers. The only thing you have to worry about is selling more items to more people. As simple as that sounds, the reality is a lot trickier. That is why you have to find every opportunity to interest your customers in other products you have to offer.

After a customer completes their check out on your site, they should be taken to a “Thank You” page that lets them know that their order has been entered successfully and that you appreciate their custom. However, if your goal is to get that customer to be a repeat customer, you can put your Thank You pages to better use.

Increase Ecommerce Sales with Thank You Pages
Increase Ecommerce Sales with Thank You Pages

Upsell! Offer More Products

The best way to get your customers to purchase more items from you is to offer them. Your Thank You page can include the highlights of several other products that you think your customer might like.

Upselling is the practice of getting a customer to buy a better model, or a more expensive option, than they originally wanted to. If your customer purchases a small radio, offer a home stereo system on the Thank You page. If they purchase a pair of gloves, direct them to a coat that will go great with them.

Get Them to Sign Up!

Turning customers into repeat customers can be helped along by getting them to sign up for newsletters or special sale announcements in the future. Even if they enjoy the product that they bought from you, they might, in time, forget your wonderful website and fail to come back.

If you can get the customer to enter their email address so that you can send emails telling about special promotions or new products, you will keep your store in their mind. They will be more apt to come again and make another purchase.

Word of Mouth! Tell a Friend Forms

Not only should you focus on getting existing customers to purchase more products from you. You can also get them to increase your customer base. Word of mouth is one of the most successful methods of marketing there is. If your customer is pleased with their purchase, they might want to tell their friends about it.

You can include a simple “Tell A Friend” form on your Thank You page to make this easier. This word of mouth advertising can really increase the amount of customers who come to your website. Ultimately, it will increase your sales as well.

Using your Thank You page to increase ecommerce sales is a great way to improve your profits. After all, turning current customers into repeat customers is much easier than turning visitors into customers.