When it comes to marketing your fiction novel, you have to not only think outside of the box but reinvent it. Every writer both dreams and wishes to become the next best-selling author. The feeling of being paid for your creativity is a success story worth fighting for. Like most business ventures, writing requires an effective marketing strategy. One of the most underrated marketing strategies is the use of blogs to promote your work. Blogging is an excellent way to interact with your fans and create buzz around your titles. However, there are a few rules to blogging that must be followed.

Don’t Blog about Your Book
This may sound crazy when you are trying to gain interest in your new book. However,there is nothing worse than a pushy salesman. Avoid blogging about all of your fabulous titles, though you may think they are great your enthusiasm may come off as annoying. You can effectively promote your book by providing your audience with something that enhances their life. Information! people love information and if you become a reliable source of information people will buy what you’re selling. It’s ok to offer release dates about your work or to even mention that you have just published your book but don’t let that be the sole purpose of your blog.

Provide Information
You probably started writing fiction because of your personal interest in a topic or subject. If you are interested in that genre there are millions of others who are also. Use your blog to promote the genre, provide readers with the latest releases, events and author information. If you’re book is already published fill free to add it on the list of books to look out for. Blogging requires consistency so you may have to create a blog post once a week or if you want to create a fan base you will need to post often. This may require research on your genre or on writers who are in the same genre as yourself. The more information you provide the more followers you will gain. The more followers you have means a better chance of exposure. This leads to sales and more income potential for you.

Start a Debate or Provoke Comments
To engage your potential readers you must start a friendly debate or ask a question. This may not seem like much but it works. The more comments on your post the more people paying attention. I once wrote an article on diamonds that had tons of people buzzing on my comments. They debated on the quality of the company’s diamonds, whether cubic zirconia would ever be better than the real thing and they even debated on how much they thought a fake diamond should cost. The point is they were buzzing about a topic I wrote about. People love juicy news and if you can provide them with a topic to talk about they will come back for more.
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