In this article, I will be providing guidelines on how starts your very own online research business. It doesn’t have to be complicated and is simple if you follow the steps required for success and combine this with sheer hard work. I am not going to lie to you; it is difficult but certainly not impossible. 



There is a demand for research and as time progresses experts are predicting the demand will be greater within the next few years. We are currently living in a world where there is no such thing as job security, costs of goods and services are increasing coinciding with wage levels either staying the same or dropping. Therefore, all the more reason to start an online research business to enjoy and stabilise your financial status.

We are living in an age where information and as a consequence content is king. Google have switched up their algorithm in the last year, in which is now regards good unique content as a key indicator of where sites are ranked in searches. To provide good content, you need to do effective research. Being able to research a topic and present all the key points together in an easy and friendly manner for the reader is a skill. The value of the skill depends on the quantity but more so the quality of the work completed.


The first step is to pick and register a suitable domain name for your research business. It is important to ensure that you select an appropriate domain and perhaps prior to doing so, it is recommended you carry out some keyword research. That way, you have optimised your domain and give yourself an opportunity to succeed. Choosing the wrong domain name does meant failure, but certainly helps when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 


Once you have purchased your domain name, you are then required to buy a hosting package to host your site on. The cost of the domain and hosting for a year can cost as little as $50.Well worth the investment if you ask me, especially if you are intending on making much more money than that. After this, you have completed and set up your site you are then ready to start attracting potential consumers.


The design and the content of your website are critical when attracting consumers. It needs to look attractive, easy to read and fills customers with confidence when purchasing. It is important to think of the type of design you will be going for. It is possible for you to research online about the fundamentals of web design. Better yet, research about web design, then write an article concerning this topic and post it on your site for consumers to see a ‘sample’ of your work. This will provide the customer with piece of the mind of the level of quality he or she is going to receive. I have not tried this, however if you are one of the few reading this article right now feel free to run with this idea. 


On your website, ensure all information concerning your creditability, rates, services and contact details are clearly provided. That way, users to your site do not ‘need to work’ to find the information they would like to find out. In the beginning, it is very likely as you are starting out you may not have any testimonials from previous customers. My suggestion would be to provide samples on your site for consumers to assess the quality of your work. Once you start to write articles for consumers, none of them will be surprised with the quality of the work you have provided. 


Once your site is up and running, you will need to promote it continuously throughout the duration of your business. This aspect should not be overlooked and is possible the biggest reason why many internet businesses fail. Many Internet marketers believe once the site is running that the hard work is completed. WRONG. That is actually when the hard work starts. Promoting your site can be done through many ways; building links, social networking sites, article writing, forum posting, exchanging links with other sites in your niche and many more. The best part of most ways to advertise your site is completely free. There are methods for which you are required to pay for them, such as Google Adsense but this is not necessary. If you continue to promote your site using the free platforms only, this will not harm your success in the long-term. 


If you continue to promote your site you will soon enough attract consumers and the level of traffic generated to your site will continue to increase. The more you promote, the more traffic your receive, the more consumers purchase your services and finally the more money you make. When customers start to purchase from you, ensure that you deal with enquiries, orders in a timely manner and if you continue to do this the opportunity for repeat business will greatly increase. Why would people take their business elsewhere if they are receiving great customer service and output from you? The answer they won’t and will often recommended your service to other businesses. 


If you continue to promote and provide a fantastic level of service, the orders will start to pile in so much and will become too much for you to handle on your own. At this point, you would have made enough money to outsource your tasks to other people to free up your time and give you the capacity to take on more work. More work= more money.


It is difficult at first just like many things in life and most people will fail due to their lack of time, motivation and energy. However, the rewards of working your own hours and the fact you are running a successful online business can very satisfying. If you want this, then don’t hesitate, start taking action now, and reap the benefits. You can do it!