Perhaps people have been returning their Christmas Nooks and exchanging them for Nookcolor ebook readers or an Amazon Kindle, but there is a sudden emergence of great prices and shopping deals on refurbished Barnes and Noble Nooks at several online retailers. You can also get covers and cases at excellent prices. When you buy a refurbished Nook, be sure you are purchasing one that is certified by Barnes and Noble so that you can have warranty support.

Deals on Barnes and Noble Nooks at Overstock,, and eBay
Deals on Barnes and Noble Nooks at Overstock,, and eBay

Barnes and Noble Nook on eBay

If you buy a Barnes and Noble Nook on eBay, make certain you are buying it from the official Barnes and Noble eBay storefront. The seller will “barnesandnobleinc”. The subtitle on the eBay sale listing will say, “Certified eReader Direct From Barnes and Noble”. Currently, Barnes and Noble has over 10 Nook Wi-Fi ebook readers for $119, but recently they listed the Nook 3G at $119 and the Nook Wi-Fi for $99. The Barnes and Noble eBay store has also sold covers and cases for a discount.

Barnes and Noble Nook on has been an established outlet for refurbished Nooks for several months. Currently, is selling the Nook Wi-Fi for $119. There are also covers and cases for the Nook, including a clever-looking cover by Battery Genie that includes charging cables. offers protection plan for the Nook, and Barnes and Noble offers warranty and support for certified pre-owned Nooks. Make sure the seller on the marketplace is Barnes and Noble so that you can buy a refurbished Nook that will be supported by Barnes and Noble.

Barnes and Noble Nook on has certified pre-owned models of the 3G and Wi-Fi Nook for sale. The refurbished Nook 3G is $139, and you can add a 2 year replacement for 24.99. Overstock also has a lot of covers, cases, and sleeves that fit the Barnes and Noble Nook, although they are not always the Nook brand. There are also some Nook screen protectors. Overstock is good about having coupons available for larger purchases, so you might search discount sites for Overstock coupon codes to see if there are any active discounts that you can apply to the Nook purchase. When you buy a refurbished Nook, cover, or case from Barnes and Noble, the products are shipped from Barnes and Noble. They arrive in a Barnes and Noble box, and everything looks new and clean, although it is possible that there could be some slight usage. If you are buying a Nook for a gift you should know that although refurbished Nooks work great (in my experience) and look pretty, it would not be possible for the reciepient to go exchange one for a Nookcolor. The label on the box indicates that the Nook is “certified pre-owned” and there is a sticker that says “certified pre-owned Nook” on the box.