There is probably no one better placed to provide advice on e-commerce in general and, more specifically, eBay UK than Dan Wilson. He was one of the team who founded the company in the UK in 1999. During the seven years Wilson spent with eBay UK he carried out several different functions. Latterly he was eBay UK’s community manager responsible for the site’s community suite and discussion board.

In 2006 Dan Wilson left eBay UK to become a freelance consultant. He has helped companies and individuals develop online communities. He has written two important books about eBay UK; ‘Make Money on eBay’ and ‘Make Serious Money on eBay’. This review is of the second of those volumes.

Dan Wilson's 'Make Serious Money on eBay UK': Review
Dan Wilson’s ‘Make Serious Money on eBay UK’: Review

‘Make Serious Money on eBay UK’In his introduction to ‘Make Serious Money on eBay UK’ Dan Wilson contends that anyone can ‘… make money from eBay’. Throughout the book his message remains positive and pracitical. At no point is failure contemplated.

One of the features of the book is its user friendly layout. It is subdivided into four sections; Buy on eBay’, ‘Sell Your First Item’, ‘Advanced eBay Techniques’ and ‘Build an eBay Business’, It sets out to lead the reader who has never logged onto eBay UK through easy to follow illustrated steps up to the point of becomming an e-commerce entrepreneur.

Dan Wilson has succeeded in fulfilling a demading remit. He has written a book which is both practical and entertaining. He cites real cases to demonstrate how eBay UK has been a means to success for many people. One example he gives is of a person who bought a record at a car boot sale for 5p was able to sell it on eBay UK for more than £500.

‘Make Serious Money on eBay UK’ is written in plain clear English. As with any internet related subject the use of computer terms and jargon is unavoidable Wilson provides a definition of such words or phrases when he introduces them. He also includes a comprehensive glossary.