Food business is never dead. When the economic crisis, business is still running, because no matter what humans need food for survival.

Start a business making cakes can be one option for women who want to try self-employment or entrepreneurship. Or may be tried by a housewife who wanted to get extra income. This business is suitable for women because you can keep watch over loved ones and do not lose much time because you can start this business at home. To try to run it is not too difficult since there are many facilities in this business.

Food business is never dead. When the economic crisis, business is still running, because no matter what humans need food for survival. Many entrepreneurs are successful because of his business, they usually start small but because of perseverance, a good strategy, creativity, they can enjoy good results. Berjualannya place can in many places, ranging from residential areas to the luxury shopping mall, a variety of cookies sold from bread, donuts, cake, burgers ever visited.

Why choose a cake business? Following reasons could be a consideration for you to start a business interested in opening a cake.

    Small capital
    One of the obstacles often faced by a person to start self-employment is a great need for capital to start. However, in the business of this cake, only with hundreds of thousands of course you can start to try this business. This is because you only need to buy a cake of raw materials whose prices are not expensive and make a decent cake for sale.
    Investment needed little
    In this business, the investment needed for the survival of the cooking equipment such as ovens or grills. Just need a little investment, as most housewives have had a variety of cooking utensils commonly used in everyday life. So, starter business does not need to buy more to start a business selling cakes.
    Easy to make cake
    One of the obstacles faced was feeling no talent to make a cake or not good at cooking. It is actually not a constraint, because it makes the cake can be done by anyone. For example, you can try to sell fried foods or other cake that is easy to try. Not to mention, the banya preferred traditional cake and easy to make. You can try to see the stout recipe books sold in bookstores or follow cooking lessons to increase your knowledge and your confidence.

    Currently cooking lessons not only by people who have a hobby cook, but mostly attended by people who want to start a culinary business. Many of the employee who wants to increase revenue by selling the results of her cooking. Another alternative is to use a package of cookies that have been sold or there is a buy a cake and a half or so and you only need to add charm to decorate the cake.
    Large market share
    Snacking or eating habits are very common snack in the community. This habit provides benefits for culinary entrepreneurs. Ordinary cake needed in events such as social gathering, party, seminar or family gathering. Children also need time for school lunch and cake to be one option for them or at rest, usually schoolchildren buy cakes to eat. Employees in the office used to buy cakes for pleasure.
    Small risk
    Especially for cookies, if not yet finished, the cake is not damaged and still be sold until a few days. Whereas, for the wet cake was a greater risk due to damage, but if they do not run out to the family can enjoy. This makes the risks are not large. However, it is necessary calculations are made so that the cake is not excessive or wasted too much.
    The great advantage
    Culinary business is profitable. You can gain up to 50%. No small advantage. Can imagine if your business forward and get a big turnover, of the advantages you can support family life. So it is worth considering to try it.

Now, once you decide to try this business, the first step is to begin to make the necessary calculations. One of the most important thing is to determine the selling price of the cake. If too expensive, of course few people will buy plus they still do not know how to taste the cake. Conversely, if too low, you will suffer losses that business continuity is threatened.

Things that need to be considered in starting a business this is the price of raw materials baking, cooking equipment to be purchased, the cost of promotions (print flyers, discounts, sample cake, etc.), how sales techniques (whether to leave the store, in front home or to rent), packing techniques for baking quality is maintained and not damaged. If the effort is already underway, taking into account also the cost of depreciation of equipment due to the longer cooking course cooking equipment will be damaged, the operational costs of each month (rent, pay employees, and other costs), revenue per month, and benefits.

As an entrepreneur, you are also required to be creative in order to compete with other employers. In this business, you can creativity to offer a different flavor, attractive appearance, or with unique packaging. Financial control and the quality is also very important. Not because it is sold, the quality of taste or hygiene is not maintained so that you can be left by customers. Periodically, evaluation of market trends and prices in order to keep your cake can be enjoyed and the price is still affordable.

Open your own business it takes effort and is always full of risks. However, with the courage to try, confidence, and creativity, you can try to taste the sweetness of the cake business.