When you start working towards making money with an online small business, you eventually run into the concept called resell rights. It sounds like a dream… you can resell a product that you didn’t even have to create yourself, and gain big profits. But there’s one little snag: hundreds, or even thousands, of other people with the same dream are trying to peddle the same product as well. How in the world do you compete with that? Well, this article will cover 6 ways you can outwit other online small business resellers so you can pocket the big profits.

Big Resller Profit Tip #1: Promote your resell rights product to a different, less obvious niche market. For example, if you get your hands on a information product about yoga techniques for beginners, instead of selling it to yoga fanatics try promoting it to working women as a way to help relieve stress in the workplace.

Re-structure (or create) your salesletter to speak directly to them. Why would they, in particular, benefit from your product? How can it fit with their lifestyle?

Big Resller Profit Tip #2: Create a unique add-on as a bonus, whether that’s another information product or (if your profit margin is large enough to cover the costs) a physical product. If you’re promoting a new book on breakthrough weight loss techniques, you can add a special report about the easiest exercise in the world, walking. Inside, you can provide tips on how to find the right walking shoes, how to keep track of heart rates while walking to make sure they’re not overdoing it, etc.

Big Resller Profit Tip #3: If you have several related resell rights products, bundle them together (if you’re allowed) and sell as a package. You may have several infoproducts centered on cooking or going fishing on your hard drive. Create your own eBook cover and title for the package (this is also a good way to hide exactly what you’re really selling from any competitors). You can charge a higher price for this package and pocket more money per sale.

Big Resller Profit Tip #4: This is related to the tip above: find quality free eBooks and reports for your niche that you’re allowed to give away, bundle those together and offer it as a bonus package to your resell rights product. You can also create a unique e-cover and/or title for this package, too.

Big Resller Profit Tip #5: If you have permission, offer your resell rights product in a physical format: printed book, book on CD-Rom, audio CD, mailed report, even video/DVD presentation. Combining 2 or more options will give you a package you can charge a higher price for.

Big Resller Profit Tip #6: You can also still offer the product in a digital format besides an eBook/PDF. For instance, maybe you’d like to break it down into several sections for an autoresponder course. Or put up the book on a private, password protected/secret membership website.

Extra Tip: Here’s an idea if you dropship or are affiliated with a physical product. If you can offer your product as a bonus, then give it to anyone who purchases through your link/auction/website.

For example, if you sell a gardening tool you can offer your gardening resell rights information product to anyone who clicks on your affiliate link and purchases, or buys the item through your website or auction. Offering this little something extra could really give you the edge over your competition if you’re in a highly competitive market.

Making money with a small resell rights business online doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel, but it does mean thinking outside of the box and being a bit more creative in your approach. You have to have something or do something different than the others that will make your potential customers want to buy from you. Otherwise, all you can compete on is price and that tends to put the death knell on any big profits you can make (just take a look at most of the resell rights products on eBay to see how far that’ll get you). Be unique in your approach and you’ll be the one reaping the rewards.