Do you wish to know what you will be doing in Business Administration classes? If you answer yes you must read the list given below. It will give you a detailed picture of everything that you will learn in the major.   

 Math proficiency- Since much of the business administration is associated with learning how to make profit in the business, math is one of the most important courses here. As a matter of fact, before you can go further into your option you will be asked to complete lower division statistics, business calculus or finite math courses. You basically have to complete all three if you wish to concentrate on accounting or finance program. But statistics is one of the core requirements that must be fulfilled by all business students. Additionally, throughout the years you will come across more math problems in certain classes like accounting, economics, decision science, operational management and fundamentals of finance and beyond. However, do not be in fear. Your professors will help you along the way in understanding how to solve the problems.

 Microsoft office handling proficiency- Majority of the courses in business administration requires students to have skills in using PowerPoint, Excel and Word document. This is because in many classes you will have to make presentations, statistical charts, calculate money related factors and write documents. Therefore, it is necessary that before you start working towards your business major you take a lower division computer class. This will also come handy in another prerequisite, upper level information technology management class, in which professors expect students to have certain level of proficiency in computer basics.

Writing research papers in correct format- In most business classes professors require their students to write a research paper of fifteen to thirty pages on topics related to corporate. However, good news is that you do not have to write the entire paper by yourself. You will be actually assigned a group to work with and because of this you will be doing only a small portion of the paper. But during writing the paper you have to abide by the rules of grammar and MLA or APA format. Failing to do so will lower your chances of getting a good grade. Moreover, you will be sharing the same grade with the rest of the group members. Therefore, you must be aware that once the entire paper has been finished writing by the group an editorial review must be given to it. This is recommended because sometimes errors stay which might get caught by the professor.For all this and more, it is important that you learn in advance how to cite sources and how to write a paper in logical order.

Speech delivery proficiency- In many business administration courses, students are required to do presentations. Here this means that you have stand in front of the class and with a help of tool like PowerPoint presentation you will deliver to the class your findings about the topics of corporate. Under such circumstances, it is important that you are fluent in English and have skill in speech delivery. This is, however, not as scary as it looks, for most of the time students in the class just pretend to be listening to the presentation while daydreaming  out of boredom and thus, much of your speech will be ignored. Yet remember that your professor’s ears will be open. Also in many places you might need to verbally explain various business charts. Therefore, it is recommended that you prepare in advance for all the presentations.

In general, business administration is not a tough major. Professors are usually very helpful and thus much of the difficulties you will come across will be solved by them.

Now you must be wondering as to what you can do with a Business Administration degree. In a broader sense, there is no limit to professions available for Business graduates. Take a look at the list of professions given below. They are all related to this specific major and its four most common options. But remember that a person with a Business Administration degree typically makes $48,000 to $58,000 per year in his first job. 

Finance:  If your emphasis becomes finance, after graduation you can take up a job of a broker, financial consultant and above all financial analyst. Good news is that the more experience you will get in your finance related position the higher your salary will become. In the end, you might simply find yourself making more than $200,000 per year. In a way, Finance is a glamorous job for all those who enjoy math.

Accounting: Now many students end up falling in love with the accounting option, but once they go in its professional field they get embraced by the nightmare of boredom! So think twice before you turn it into your concentration. Yet it must be mentioned that studying accounting will definitely help you become an accountant, but at the same time it can let you take every position that a finance option will give you. Overall, both finance and accounting linked to same professions. But if you decide to just stick to an accounting job your salary will stay in the range of $100,000 and $110,000. But in the beginning you might make above $50,000.

Marketing: Considered as one of the most fun filled options, marketing can give you a job sales or promotion manager almost anywhere you like .Most students dream of becoming a marketing analyst, but only few really get to see it in reality! Salary for marketing professionals range from $57,000 to $110,000.

Management: This is the option that can make you the millionaire CEO of a big company. However, if you wish to aim lower you can stay as a manager in an office. By far, management is the easiest option. It can bring you a salary of $58,000 to $105,000.