Online classified advertising sites are not anything new. They have been around since the start of the internet revolution. However it is one of the most overlooked form of advertising online. People are so engrossed with different advertising and marketing techniques such as search engine optimization, banner advertising, article advertising and so on and have forgotten the advantages and effectiveness of classified advertisements.

Most sites allow you to post classified advertisements for free . CraigsList and USFreeAds , giants in online classified advertising, allows anyone form anywhere to easily post classified ads online for absolutely no cost.

Here are some of the advantages of using online classified advertisement to sell your products and promote your business:

  • Free advertising – you can create as many ads as you like.
  • Add pictures to your ads – USFreeAds and other sites allows you to add pictures with your classified ads.
  • More reach – Your ads are posted online and you have the entire web population as potential viewer.
  • Instant info – your ad readers can click on links to read more about your offers and services instantly.
  • Listed on Search Engines – you ad listings also show up on major search engines and will drive more traffic to your listing and to your offers.
  • Backlinks – Your classified ad also provide a good backlink source back to your site.
  • Build your prospect list – You can add a subscriber form to your site and build a prospect list.

The above points are a clear indication that using classified advertisements to promote/sell your products and services is a very effective advertising option. There are many online classified advertisement sites that allows free posting and you can do a search on Google for them or visit Classified Advertising Techniques page to get a list of the top classified advertising sites.