When faced with the task of finding a publisher to produce your work, the alternative of self publishing can seem attractive. You can act as your own editor, for one, and you don’t have to deal with the hassles and downsides of rejection. Is self publishing realistic? Sure, but you might want to consider the bigger picture before deciding to self-publish.

The Pitfalls of Self Publishing

Good publishers tend to market your book aggressively. Without the connections to the book publishing industry, you might find this especially hard to accomplish. Furthermore, you will most likely face extreme out-of-pocket expenses in order to see your book in print. With poor marketing, this can end up to be a profit loss, ultimately.

Also consider that while self publishing can certainly seem attractive because of the lack of constraints, you might not be your own best editor. Editors are trained not only to improve your writing and the cohesiveness of your publication, but to make it more palatable to a wider audience. You might find that you can create the perfect novel for you, but that you need an experienced editor to create a novel that speaks to a wider audience. Is self publishing realistic for someone with representation? Indeed, but it is nearly impossible to make the venture work when you approach it without an ally or connection.

Making Self Publishing Work for You

However, if you decide to self publish, you can indeed succeed with plenty of hard work. In fact, you might try obtaining literary representation regardless of self publication. Is self publishing realistic if you’re attempting it on your own? Probably not. But if you have the guidance, wisdom, and connections of experienced signatory agents behind you, you might find you have greater luck.