Want to find work at home opportunities, become self employed and start a whole new career? Online auction sites, like eBay, are a great place to start earning some extra money. Learn how to become self employed as an online ticket broker, and start the path to financial independence.

Find Work at Home Opportunities with eBay: Become Self Employed as an Online Ticket Broker
Find Work at Home Opportunities with eBay: Become Self Employed as an Online Ticket Broker

Work at Home with eBay

Auction sites like eBay make a lot of things possible, providing plenty of work at home opportunities for those who can understand the concepts of supply and demand. Technically, anything and everything can be sold on this site – but not everything will sell for much profit. Want to know how to work at home with eBay? Online ticket brokering is one really great place to start.

Taking advantage of work at home opportunities through eBay requires only a few things:

  • An eBay account. Create an eBay username and account in order to start using this auction site. Try to choose a name that sounds professional, and make sure to link the account with a working PayPal account.
  • A PayPal account. A very necessary item in the eBay world, this account allows for the transfer of money online- a must-have if self employment is the goal.
  • The tickets. Want to be an online ticket broker, and make money with work at home opportunities? Then it’s necessary to purchase the tickets! Check Ticketmaster or go straight to the event host to get what’s needed.

Become an Online Ticket Broker

In the main, becoming an online ticket broker requires little beyond having tickets to sell and a venue from which to sell them- namely, the eBay account. However, this is an extremely simplistic way of summing up the job that is online ticket brokering. Being successful with this work at home opportunity takes a lot more than buying and re-selling tickets online.

When reselling tickets to work at home, it’s extremely important to operate within the law. Most states will put a cap on the maximum value of event tickets- so be sure to check this before putting items up for sale on eBay. It’s also a good idea to remember another way which money can be made with ticket brokering: shipping fees. Sure, it doesn’t cost much to ship, but ticket brokers generally charge a little for the service to receive some extra cash. Only provide tickets which are in demand; otherwise, sales may be nonexistent.