IndiaSpeaks is a free website that allows Indians to earn part-time income from home by providing their opinion through internet surveys. Absolutely anyone with an interest in making extra money online- stay-at-home moms, teenagers, retired citizens or full time employees can register without a fee to receive surveys from IndiaSpeaks.

How IndiaSpeaks Works

Multi-national brand owners (for example, Coca-Cola) need feedback from their consumers to customize their products and stay ahead of their competition. IndiaSpeaks has a vast number of registered consumers (called panelists) willing to provide their honest opinion for cash. IndiaSpeaks conducts market research through online surveys on behalf of the product companies and rewards the panelists who complete these surveys.

IndiaSpeaks Paid Online Surveys

The surveys contain a list of questions to find out what consumers like, what products they are interested in, what they think of brand advertisements, what they think of competitors’ products and how much they spend on products. A typical survey takes 20 to 40 minutes to complete. Survey invitations are sent to panelists by email and they are free to take surveys before the survey’s expiration date.

IndiaSpeaks conducts a screener questionnaire before an actual survey begins so only the target audience specified by the brand owners takes a particular survey. An example of this could be a pharmaceutical company which wants to collect information from consumers who suffer from a particular disease only.

Register to Provide Opinion

Any person above 14 years who wishes to take surveys can register free as a panelist at the IndiaSpeaks website. They then need to provide their basic details which allows them to qualify for surveys. All panelists are notified by email when a survey that they can take part in comes up at the website.

Get Paid to Take Research Surveys in India

For each online survey that a panelist completes successfully, IndiaSpeaks offers anywhere between 20 and 2000 reward points. Each reward point is equal to Re 1. Once a panelist collects 200 reward points, he/she may redeem them for:

  • Gift vouchers of retail stores of apparels, books, footwear, toys and baby products, pharmacy, restaurants and grocery stores
  • Discount coupons
  • Loyalty cards
  • Gift items
  • Payment to charity

Panelists are also eligible for monthly sweepstakes and lucky draws.

Get Rewarded to Refer Friends

Each panelist is welcome to invite friends and family to IndiaSpeaks. For each successful referral, the website awards reward points to the panelist.

India’s Best Survey Site

IndiaSpeaks is fast growing as India’s premier survey site due to the large number of registered consumers. The website provides a platform for consumers to make their voices heard and to shape future products and services by providing their honest opinion.