Success is a frame of mind. One can be planning for it, building it, or enjoying it. No matter in which stage of success one finds themselves, the amount of success lies in the size of the individual’s belief in their own ability. How the home business owner looks may not be seen by anyone else, but the one who often needs the most convincing is the self.

Work From Home Takes Self-Motivation

As the economy changes, many people are working from home. While it has many advantages, it also requires a well-disciplined individual who is self motivated. Staying focused and on target are vital attributes to any work environment. It is sometimes easy to forget that a home office must maintain the same type of positive work environment as a similar one at a corporate headquarters.

Building a home business is no different from growing a business for someone else. Staying motivated is absolutely necessary. However, rather than a boss or office manager planning goals and seeing that they are met, the self-employed must do the same thing on their own.

Success is All in the Mind

Those who do not believe in themselves have no one else who believes in them either. Self- complaints and belittling oneself tells others they would be foolish to trust in such a failure. Success is in the mind, not as an inflated opinion of self, but as a belief in ones abilities. Positive self-talk is necessary.

That belief in self is manifested in several ways, how one stands and sits, their physical health and weight, and their outer appearance. What started in the mind as an honest evaluation of ones worth and abilities, can be projected into the outer world as grooming and wardrobe.

Dress for Success in Home-Office-Chic

Shower, shave, apply makeup, pay careful attention to your hair and dress in comfortable home-office-chic. Why the hair grooming? If a mirror is passed, it is important that what is reflected back must be the CEO of a prospering business. The plan for success must be executed each day. If the person looking back can’t be convincing as a business tycoon, no one else will believe it either. Success is heard in the voice and worn in the attitude like a three-piece suit. Believe.

Comfortable home-office-attire is slacks or skirt for women, and khaki pants for men. Save the denim jeans for casual Fridays. Pressed shirt or blouse is a must and a jacket or sweater would be appropriate. Choose jewelry that won’t get in the way of the computer keyboard or other office equipment. Being comfortable is important and a real perk for those who work at home. However, if relaxed means unprofessional, that won’t work for the successful home business owner.

One has to be ready to run an errand, make a Skype call, or meet a business prospect for lunch. A proper appearance prepares one to justify the seriousness of their business to a spouse or friend who may drop in. The most important business partner is the one looking back from the looking glass. If the reflection can’t convince the image, success will be delayed until the business owner sees their own efforts as stellar. Dress like a professional and professionalism can be claimed.