The promise of getting online deals often leads people to eBay to get them. However, not everyone pays the same price for the same items on the site. There are ways to get eBay deals that are some of the best online shopping deals available online. These special deals can come down to where a customers searches on eBay, what search options are used, what time an auction is ending and even what season it is.

Getting the Best eBay Deals: How to Find the Best Online Deals With Lower eBay Prices
Getting the Best eBay Deals: How to Find the Best Online Deals With Lower eBay Prices

Bargaining for the Best eBay Deals

The original auction-only format of eBay listings has given way to a much larger variety of listings that have many different pricing options. One of these is the Best Offer option. This option allows customers to come up with their own eBay deals and offer them to the seller. Sellers can either reject the offer, submit a counter offer or accept the offered price. To find eBay listings that have a Best Offer option, choose the Best Offer results option. That is available on the left side of every search screen. Just click on the option to be shown the search results that have Best Offer.

Best Online Deals at Odd Hours

Look at auctions that end in the middle of the night or other odd times for a good eBay deal. Bidders tend to bid in the last few minutes of an auction, so ones that end in the middle of the night or early on weekend mornings may have fewer bidders, making them some of the best online deals.

Shop During the Summer

It’s easy to find eBay deals during the summer because there are fewer buyers. With the warm weather and schools out for summer break, many regular eBay buyers are away from their computers. During the summer, eBay prices always fall to compensate for the slow business. Special deals are then available through eBay Store deals, lower prices on fixed priced eBay listings and fewer bids on auctions.

Look for Lower eBay Prices With Store Deals

eBay sellers with an eBay Store can lower their prices across the board by a percentage of their choosing. These eBay deals are limited in nature and the prices are automatically raised by the site when the sale period is over. This is an easy way to drum up business for sellers, and it’s a great time to get lower prices on these store deals. When a listing has a sale price, indicated at the top of the listing, look at the other items for sale. Chances are, they are also on sale for a limited time.