When selling on eBay, an item’s category makes a big difference in the way the items should be listed. Clothing listings require special attention to set them apart.

Clothing is one of the most popular categories on eBay because everyone has clothing that they outgrow, change their minds about or just decide not to wear. Because everyone has clothing to sell, it is one of the most competitive categories on the site. To stay competitive, special care must be taken to choose the items to sell and to create listings that will sell them.

How to Sell Clothes on eBay: Use Online Auctions to Clean Out Closets and Make Money
How to Sell Clothes on eBay: Use Online Auctions to Clean Out Closets and Make Money

Choosing Which Items to Sell

Because clothing sales are so competitive, not just any clothing will sell on eBay. A nondescript purple blouse with no brand name and no tags will likely not sell. However, if it is a hard-to-find size, has an unusual design on it or it comes from a well-known brand, it has a much better chance.

Buyers of clothes on eBay have a lot to choose from. They generally prefer new clothing when possible. If an item isn’t new, it should have something interesting about it that will attract people through the general eBay search. Items that have special details like an interesting pattern, an expensive brand name or something printed on the front have a far better chance of being searched for and sold.

Clothing Condition

There are eBay rules against selling clothing that is stained or in otherwise poor condition. The clothing also must be washed prior to being placed up for sale. While those rules may not be enforced often, the sellers who don’t follow these rules will be competing against those who do.

Make sure the clothing to be sold is in very good condition if it isn’t new. If it has a hole or a stain on it, it’s better not to sell it at all. An eBay seller who gets bad feedback for a stained outfit is likely to lose a lot of future eBay sales. Keep customers happy by providing them with the very best clothing possible. Clothing that is not in the best possible condition can instead be donated to a thrift store for a tax write off as long as it isn’t stained.

Listing the Clothing on eBay

There are two highly important factors in every clothing listing- the photos and the measurements. Every clothing listing should have one or more clear pictures that will help buyers to see the color and details of the item. The best scenario for most clothing items is to take a full photograph of the item and then a photograph of a smaller section of it to show detail.

Include all of the basic measurements needed by the specific demographic group. Women generally want the hip, waist and bust measurements of their items. A sleeve length measurement is also helpful and can set the garment apart from the others like it. For men, make sure that the chest, waist and inseam measurements are included. Younger kids’ clothing generally requires only the size, but many parents also want the length of the garment. Online auctions that include this information will attract more buyers who don’t want the hassle of asking the eBay seller any questions.

Creating a Title

To sell on eBay, each auction title should be something that people will search for with the eBay search. The most important things to include in an eBay clothing listing are: the brand name, the size, the color, the condition (if new), who it’s for and style details. If it has sequins, glitter, a band name or smocking, that is a style detail that should be mentioned.

eBay Consignment Selling

Perhaps the easiest way to sell clothes on eBay is to take advantage of eBay consignment selling. To use an eBay consignment seller, look for a local business that takes people’s items and lists them for sale on the site. These businesses mean less time is spent on selling the listings, but it can also mean less money will be made. Most eBay consignment sellers charge the listing fees and take a percentage of the sales price. Some also charge a flat rate for the time spent on the listing.

eBay also maintains a list of eBay members who are willing to sell items for other members. Trading Assistants are searchable by area and each has their own eBay consignment terms.