She has written a book called Floppy Cat. The book is based on one of her many pets who she lives with on a farm with her two sons too. When asked does money make her happy?, she had this to say: “I am a success coach and love helping people realize their dreams,” Kay wrote.

“I teach people that they can get everything they have ever wanted by first discovering what it is that they love to do. By enjoying your life you will attract all things good into your life. I have personally experienced this in my newfound career as a children’s author. Everything seems effortless, exciting, and new. I get to learn new things everyday which helps me to grow and become all that I was put on this earth to be and do.”

Money and Abundance

Does Kay agree that money will come in abundance when one is doing what one loves to do. This is something many people know. Actually money is so powerful if used for the right reasons that even people who may hate what they do can still attract it. They can attract it especially if they have children to feed, mortgage payments, rent to pay, may be living paycheque to paycheque – or basically just getting by. Someone such as Kay has an abundance of it.

Kay has discovered what she wants to do and earning a wonderful living, however she got help along the way.

Help Along the Way

“I am a success coach, trained personally by Bob Proctor. I teach people exactly what you described above – that money will come to you in abundance if you are living life on purpose, having fun and providing a service that makes a difference in other’s lives. I am the author of the new children’s book called Floppy Cat. I am a mother, entrepreneur, exercise physiologist and an animal scientist. Everything I have done has helped me get to this great place where I am today!”

Kay lives her daily life in harmony with her soul.

“As you may of guessed in my previous descriptions, I make sure fun is part of my life everyday. I get up excited to take on each day’s new challenges. I send my two wonderful boys off to school and get after promoting my new book, teaching, coaching, writing, speaking and being creative. I play with my giant Bernese Mountain dog and take him for a run. Do some sit ups and push ups, and sometimes even a little yoga. Laundry of course, sweep the kitchen floor, cook, usually watch one of my boys play basketball, relax, and read.”

Contact Information

On Kay’s website, visitors can see a video of the real floppy cat. “He was the one who inspired me to change my thinking. We all should live like Floppy, with a Floppy Cat attitude!”