Parents pay top dollar for adorable coordinating collections of clothing at Gymboree — but they can recoup some of the money by selling the clothes on eBay. Here’s how.

Gymboree clothes are positively adorable — and they’re also painfully expensive! However, if you can’t resist spending hundreds of dollars on those colorful matching sets, there’s a practical way for recoup some of that money: selling your used Gymboree clothes on eBay! And if you’re industrious — and perhaps a little bit lucky –you can also buy new Gymboree clothing at a discount and sell it on eBay for a profit.

Because Gymboree clothing for both girls and boys is so expensive and so popular, eBay is overloaded with buyers looking for better prices than you’ll find in the stores. If you follow some simple tips, you can sell your used and new Gymboree clothing to these eager buyers.

How to Sell Used & New Gymboree Clothing on eBay: Tips on Selling Collections of this Popular Children's Clothes Line
How to Sell Used & New Gymboree Clothing on eBay: Tips on Selling Collections of this Popular Children’s Clothes Line

Buying Gymboree Collections

One of Gymboree’s biggest draws is that their clothing all comes as part of “collections” that match and coordinate with one another. Collections often have hundreds of pieces that include sweaters, shirts, pants, shoes, socks, hair accessories, and so forth. Within each collection, there are sets of clothes that match each other perfectly, like dresses with matching leggings and sweaters with matching socks. These collections are incredibly cute, especially the lines for girls, and that’s what buyers want.

Just like Gymboree buyers in the stores, Gymboree buyers on eBay are looking for collections — so when you shop for Gymboree clothes, you’ll get a better resale value if you buy pieces that are from the same collection and that coordinate perfectly. Of course, you’ll want to make sure the clothes are exactly the same size.

Keep in mind that collections change every season. This means that some buyers will be seeking out collections from years past that aren’t available in stores. If you do have current collections for sale, that’s an added plus.

One type of matching set that sells really well: long-sleeved,cotton dresses with matching leggings. Buyers specifically seek these out and will pay top dollar. Another trick: selling two identical outfits in the same size for twins.

Listing Your Gymboree Clothes on eBay

If you sell children’s clothing of any kind of eBay, you face lots of competition, so your listing needs to look great and be listed in the correct place! Here are some important tips to follow when listing Gymboree clothes:

  • Make sure you have beautiful pictures of each item. People buy Gymboree clothing because it looks nice, so make to capitalize on this appeal.
  • When taking pictures, hang the clothing neatly against a neutral background.
  • Describe the clothing in detail, and proofread your ad carefully for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Use one of eBay’s pretty templates to list the clothing. This adds a professional and appealing look that’s easy to put together.
  • Make sure your listing is in the right category! It often pays to spend a little extra to list the items in multiple categories.

When you list collections on eBay, you have two choices: to sell the collections as a whole, or to sell each piece separately. Selling them separately can be more effective because buyers don’t have to make such a big purchase, but the disadvantage of this is that you risk being left with pieces that didn’t sell. If you do sell each piece separately, be sure to inform buyers that you have other pieces from this collection for sale in your store. You can entice them by offering a shipping discount if they buy multiple pieces. You might also throw in a small matching item, like a ponytail holder than matches a sweater, to give your listing an advantage over similar listings.

Caring for Your Gymboree Clothing

You’ll get a better resale value for Gymboree clothes if your clothes are in great condition — like new, if possible. The best way to keep Gymboree clothes looking good is to machine wash them with cold water and line dry. Gymboree colors do tend to fade (on eBay, they call this “Gymbofade”), especially dark shades like red and navy blue, so care for these garments delicately. Care for stains promptly.

Selling New Gymboree Clothes

Some sellers make money selling new Gymboree clothing as well. While this is always risky, there are some tricks that can make this profitable:

  • Buy collections on clearance when they’re cheap, and sell them next season when they’re no longer available
  • Buy on sale. Gymboree sometimes discounts many pricier items to either $10 or $20.
  • Buy clothing at Gymboree outlets
  • Take advantage of the “Gymbucks” program. During certain times, Gymboree offers buyers a $25 coupon for future purchases for every $50 they spend. The $25 coupons can be redeemed at a later time if you spend another $50. (Be careful because Gymbucks coupons expire quickly!)

Cashing in on Gymboree Clothes.

Will you get rich selling your Gymboree clothes on eBay? Of course not. However, if you play it smart, you can indulge in buying adorable outfits for your kids and recoup some of your money — and possibly even turn a small profit.