I honestly never thought that I would have a book published. I wrote a book, or journal really, for mothers called, “Mommy’s ‘ME-Time'” which I self published through Lulu last year. After completing my book, I spent hours online looking for ways to get ones book published. I knew about self-publishing, but like most people, I did not know how it worked exactly. While researching self-publishing specifically, I came upon the Lulu webpage. After thoroughly reading all of the information that was available on their website, I knew that publishing through them was the best plan for me. Lulu has made self-publishing a book very easy, and to be honest, a pleasant experience.

Starting a Project

Once ones book is completed and edited, simply visit the Lulu website and setup an account. Go to the My Lulu section and choose what kind of book you want; paperback, hardcover, ebook, photo book, etc. Once a selection is made, the next step is to give your project a title (title of the book), and add your name or pen name. One great things about Lulu, is you are given options on who can see your project. You can sell it on Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, sell it only on Lulu, or you can keep it to yourself. Next, you can choose what type of binding you want and the overall size of the book, which allows one to make the book as one sees fit.

What about an ISBN?

One of the great things about Lulu is the ability to get and ISBN through them, for free. However, by choosing to get the ISBN through Lulu, it will list Lulu as the publisher. If one already owns an ISBN for the book in which they are self-publishing one can add it here. There is also information on how to purchase an ISBN if one wishes. If one does not wish to have his or her book distributed to retailers then one may choose not to add an ISBN to the book. Make sure to thoroughly read all of the information provided to ensure you make the best decision regarding the use of an ISBN.

Uploading Files and Cover Design

Once one has decided on the binding type, and size of the book, it is time to upload the book to Lulu. Make sure that the page setup and margins are correctly formatted and then just submit a PDF through the website. This process is very easy and does not take a lot of time. Lulu makes it easy and they provide examples or templates if needed for guidance. Once ones book is uploaded it is time to make the cover. They have templates that one can use for the book cover, or your can submit your own cover. This entire process, as with everything else, is very easy.

Final information and Publication

Once you approve everything, you will answer various questions about the book, choose its genre, and set its price. With a little typing and a few clicks of the mouse, the book with be published and available on the Lulu Marketplace and you will be a Published Author! If one is looking for an easy way to publish ones work, I highly suggest using Lulu. I have been happy with the quality of the books that I have received, and the entire process is very easy. My book is available on Amazon, and will soon be available on Barnes & Noble and I could not be happier with the end result. Lulu made my dreams come true, and I know that they will help many more who also wish to publish their work.