To make your home business website appealing to visitors, there are several basic elements that you’ll want to have in place to help you make money online.

When someone lands webpage, the first thing they really should see are the  goods and services that they were looking for when they visited .

Irrespective of well you have tuned your search engine optimisation and page rankings, you will not be able to keep a customer onto your site or make them buy. Clearly outline the benefits of your offering so that the person will want to buy from you.

Provide all of the necessary information with easy and visible links to related pages to ensure that a customer can navigate to the appropriate place effortlessly and get the information they need and want.

It is extremely unlikely that a potential customer will buy from you the very first time they visit your home business website. Its essential to get them to provide their name and e-mail address, using a data capture form, so you can then send emails to the potential customer to build a relationship in the expectation that they will eventually purchase from you. To get a person to submit their email address you have to provide something of value – like a free report, video, DVD etc.

Who is the target customer specifically for your internet business?

When you create your home based business, you will need to know who your perfect customers are. If you don’t really know who your prospects are and what they want to buy, it is unlikely that will you make much money.

Your site is your virtual storefront and must appeal to a specific audience. For instance, a general hardware store has a different appeal, look and products to a toy store.

Whenever customer is considering your services or products, the customer must clearly understand “what’s in it for me?” – what I’m trying to say is, what problem is your service or product solving for the customer? For instance, will it help him to loose weight, have more spare time, earn more money, drive safely, get a better job etc? It is the benefit of an item that sells it – not the features.

You will need to have a clear benefit why a possible customer should buy from you and nobody else. An if you don’t know what it is, how do you expect your customer to know?

Website contact info

Your personal website will permit visitors to purchase your products at any hour a day from wherever they are across the globe – that is the beauty of an online home business.

You need always provide contact info on your website, to make sure that customers can contact you. At the very least, this should be your email address. People may have a concern about sales, general information or technical problems on your site. How many sales could you loose if a customer just has a simple question but has no way of contacting you? And don’t forget, if you ask customers to contact you via email, to regularly check you inbox!