If you are ready to purchase an new, authentic Marc Jacobs handbag, buying a purse from a seller at an online auction site such as eBay is a great place start. eBay is a good place to find a gently used or new Marc Jacobs handbag.

Authentic Marc Jacobs handbags can be pricey, so if the search has been narrowed down, looking on eBay may be an option. The auction site does have certain guidelines for their sellers and scamming will not be tolerated. Most of the bags being sold on eBay are most likely authentic if the seller says it is. However, a little education and follow certain guidelines can be helpful to prevent getting scammed when purchasing a designer item via an auction site.

How to Purchase an Authentic Marc Jacobs Handbag on Ebay
How to Purchase an Authentic Marc Jacobs Handbag on Ebay

Examine the Handbag Hardware

The first trick of the trade is to avoid purchasing from a seller who does not provide a photo of the actual product. Many will opt to provide a stock image, which can be a red flag. That’s not to say that the purse is not legit, but this can be risky.

Inspect the hardware in the picture, although this may be no easy feat. Most trusted sellers know how important it is to display the purse details and should have adequate photos of the hardware. Ask for photos if they do not. Marc Jacobs hardware is not cheap, so it will be shiny, rather than dull in appearance.

Check Seller’s History, Feedback and Rating

Look at the eBay seller’s feedback. Make sure other buyers were satisfied with their purchase or this could be a red flag. Are they a Top Rated Seller or an established seller? Check to see whether the seller offers other designer bags or just Marc Jacobs. If they only sell Marc Jacobs, this could be a bad sign that they are selling replica purses. If there is a damaged inclusion in the listing, this is a good sign that the seller is legit and honest to point out flaws.

Look near the seller’s user ID to see if they are a top rated seller. If they are, there will ribbon badge located near their name and feedback. This is a good sign and it indicates that they have learned the trust of other eBay buyers. Generally, an eBay seller does not have a large inventory from a trusted source. If a seller has 100-plus bags of the same style, then it’s likely they are purchasing them from an unauthorized source.

Beware of a price that seems too good to be true. A truly authentic Marc Jacobs handbag is not going to sell for pennies. If the price is really low, then this could be a sign that the bag is not authentic. On the flip side, just because a purse selling for a few hundred dollars, does not mean it is authentic. It is all the more reason to thoroughly investigate the transaction before it is final.

eBay does create a security for sellers and buyers. If a seller believed they were purchasing an authentic designer bag and can prove they received a fake, there may be recourse through eBay. It is best to prevent this from happening by conducting a thorough investigation before buying.