It is very easy for eBay sellers to get positive feedback by following basic common sense, good business practices and great customer service. By putting a bit of effort into your eBay transactions you will improve your feedback ratings and achieve better sales in the future.

To sell an item on eBay and get positive feedback:

How Sellers Can Get Positive Feedback on eBay
How Sellers Can Get Positive Feedback on eBay

Research Your Market

Always look at the competition on eBay to see how many similar items are for sale and to gauge a typical purchase price. If the market seems swamped with items like yours, it may be worth waiting to see if this changes over time. Supply and demand fluctuates all the time and a good eBay seller will use research and experience to judge the market and advertise their item at the optimum time for maximum profit.

Plan Your eBay Auction In Advance

To get positive feedback on eBay only hold an auction when you know you will be available to answer questions from potential buyers and to complete the transaction at the end of the sale. Remember if you use the ‘Buy It Now’ facility, the purchase can happen at any time.

Write an Honest Description

To avoid negative feedback , write a clear, accurate and honest description of your item. Most eBay buyers are happy to buy slightly damaged or worn items as long as they know the true condition of the items at the time of bidding. They will factor this into the price they want to pay. State whether the item is in working order and give details of make and model numbers, and technical specification as appropriate.

Always include at least one good quality photograph of the item. Avoid stock photos, and manufacturer’s photographs as this can make a potential eBay buyer suspicious about the condition of your item.

Use a Low Starting Price

Listing your item on eBay with a low starting price will attract potential buyers and keep your listing costs down. Remember that if there is only one bidder, you will only achieve this price so make sure it will cover your selling costs.

Answer Questions Promptly

To gain positive feedback, be available to answer questions from potential buyers. Nothing is more frustrating for a potential eBay buyer than when they see something they would like to bid on but the seller won’t answer their emails.

Keep Postage Charges Down

Some inferior eBay traders use unrealistically high postage costs to minimize their eBay listing fees. Keep your postage costs as low as possible to attract good customers who will appreciate your honesty. Keep postal receipts to prove when you posted the item.

Keep Delivery Times Short

A good way to get positive feedback is to post an item as soon as possible after payment has been made – preferably by the next day. Again, plan in advance and make sure you will be available to do this before you list the item.

Communicate at All Times

The biggest key to gaining positive feedback on eBay is communication. Send polite and informative emails to buyers at every opportunity. For example, thank the buyer for paying, tell them when you are going to send their item and tell them when you’ve sent it. Ask them if they have received their item and tell them you will leave them positive feedback. Avoid nagging your buyers to leave you feedback. If you treat them well they will be very happy to do so without you asking.

Offer ‘No Quibble’ Returns

If you follow the above advice you shouldn’t have too many problems. However, if a buyer is unhappy with an item, stay polite and try to help them. If the problem cannot be resolved ask the buyer to return the item. Once you have received it, offer to refund the postage costs, including both the original charge for delivery and any postage they paid to return the item. This may leave you with a loss but the buyer is unlikely to leave negative feedback and could still leave you positive feedback. Gaining an excellent feedback rating is easy for eBay sellers if they are prepared to work hard at delivering an excellent service to their customers in the same way that any good businessperson would.