This guide details some well known as well as some more unusual items that sell well on eBay time after time. Some of these items may just be lying about in a basement, under a bed or even be on their way to the bin but could make some substantial cash for the owner.

Although all of these items sell well on eBay the seller should always make sure to list an eBay item in the best possible way with clear details, a good photo and a well written description and title. Even with the best selling items it is always good to make the most of the listing to optimize the selling potential.

Items That Sell Well on eBay
Items That Sell Well on eBay

Old Smoking Pipes on eBay

With eBay it is often the case that second hand items do not sell as well as new items but with smoking pipes it is often the other way around. Pipes can get better with age as they become worn in and buying second hand means the buyer does not have to take the time to personally wear it in.

Old smoking pipes can also be very valuable if the brand and edition is no longer being made or if it is just known as coming from a particularly good batch of pipes. Brands such as Dunhill, Dr Plumb and Falcon sell particularly well and pipes made of good briar and meerschaum rather than pot.

Even though there are consistently over 5 pages of smoking pipes on eBay at anyone time most will sell and sell well. Basic pipes will fetch anywhere from £5-£20 each. Meanwhile rare pipes and particularly unique meerschaum pipes can sell for hundreds of pounds rather than tens.

When listing smoking pipes it is ideal to show a photo of the bowl as well as the side of the pipe so buyers can see the condition it is in. It is also good practice to list the length of the pipe, the width of the bowl, the height of the bowl, the make, the brand and the material. Also make sure to note any scratches or noticeable blemishes on the pipe.

Lego on eBay

With Lego it is basically a case of how much for rather than whether or not it will sell. Individual Lego men and women, jumbled up lots of old pieces even old Lego instruction books with no pieces all sell well on eBay. Group lots of Lego people from the same set or complete sets of pieces and instructions do go for the most on eBay, but really any Lego item will sell.

Most families have a box of old Lego and this will sell and should not be thrown away. As Lego has stuck to the same basic design buyers will buy any Lego as it will fit and build with what they already own. It can be separated into small lots making it easier to photograph and post or one big lot which saves time with separate listings.

However it is listed it will be very likely to sell and sell for a good amount despite being second hand and even very well used. In particular the castle themed sets of Lego with knights and cannons sell very well as does under water Lego, the old space sets and the newer Star Wars Lego.

Items That Sell Well on eBay

There are of course many items that sell very well on eBay and many things that can affect the level of money received. It may be that an item is not rare of valuable but it just happens to be that two bidders really want the item. It can also be that expensive items don’t sell well as there are too many of them on eBay at the same time. Here are some more items that consistently sell well on eBay:

  • Shopping bags – More specifically designer shopping bags from shops such as Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Prada and Louis Vuitton.
  • Old Programmes – From concerts, important football matches and West End theatre shows.
  • Star Wars merchandise – Any old figures, toys, posters and any other collectible with the Star Wars logo.
  • Sweets – If marketed as selling abroad a bag of sweets which costs £1 in the UK may sell for £5 in a country that doesn’t have that brand or particular sweet.
  • Vinyl records – Vintage vinyl records can sell for tens even hundreds of pounds on eBay, with rare picture discs selling particularly well.
  • Electronics – In particular cameras, MP3 Players, iPods and Blackberry’s sell very well on eBay.

Remember with all of these items there are crucial selling points that must be utilised to secure sales and more bids for an eBay listing. A good clear photo of the item is always essential so the buyer knows what they are getting and along with this a well written description with as much information about the item as possible.