Marketing and promotional ideas that work need a certain level of momentum and tempo to grow. When your marketing finds the proper levels it becomes easier to keep the momentum going by implementing other ideas.

Business authors write about momentum and tempo and the importance of having both for success. In his book, Think Like a Champion (Vanguard Press), Donald Trump included two essays on momentum and tempo and what both have meant to his success.

Momentum in Marketing

Momentum and tempo are two factors of marketing that often get under appreciated. That illusive tipping point that Malcolm Gladwell has so prolifically written about is generated by momentum.

Trump wrote in his latest book “Momentum comes in many different forms, but its common denominator is energy.”

He goes on to say that power, force, strength, impetus and drive are all names for momentum. Gaining momentum is not always easy but according to Trump gets easier with practice and experience.

How has momentum contributed to marketing an idea or product? Look at what is happening now with Twitter and what has happened with Facebook and Myspace, ebay, and Amazon. All of those sites have created great momentum and have created hundreds of thousands of users not to mention how many times all of them have been mentioned by traditional media.

Tempo in Marketing

Trump also writes about the importance of tempo, “An orchestra is comprised of many parts, of many instruments and players, and when they all work together, you will have an exceptionally good orchestra. But the conductor is the one responsible for the tempo, for the performance, for the teamwork – it’s very much like having a well-run organization.”

To keep the momentum going, the leader needs to find and set his or her tempo so that each person on the team will keep up their momentum.

Trump believes that when you focus on the work, tempo will take over. It’s the same as being in the groove. Just think about all of the creativity or success that is generated when someone is in the groove.

How many sports champions have reported after their amazing performance that they got their momentum going and then got in the groove to keep the momentum strong?

Marketing is All About Thinking Big

Trump suggests in his newest book to think like a champion, think like a genius, and think positively.

Marketing and promotions should be thought of in the same manner. Marketers need to think big. They need to think smart and they need to keep their attitude positive. All of which goes hand-in-hand with momentum and tempo.