Ebay is the largest and most well known online auction site. World wide shoppers both buy and sell new, used, vintage and collectable goods. With a few simple rules anyone can learn the ropes of selling for both fun and profit and gain the skills needed to make money with Ebay.

Make Money with EBAY: Selling online for Fun and Profit
Make Money with EBAY: Selling online for Fun and Profit

Selling for Profit

Knowledge of products is important. People who know brands and information on china and glassware will do well selling what they know. Sell what is hot, such as a brand of clothing, old toys or current trends in collectables. The best sellers do well when selling items they know, and have little to no money invested in the product. Yard sale or tag sale finds, thrift store buys offer items to sell, or clean out the closet for quick to list merchandise.

Get started making money on Ebay

Register with Ebay and choose an ID name and password. Setting up a paypal account is a good idea as many customers prefer to use paypal. Gather up products to sell. To know the value of products check on the sell page under what is it worth. Products are listed at what they sold for in recent transactions. Click on the start selling tab and Ebay walks the seller through the process of listing the product.

Describe the product accurately. List any flaws or defects, age of product if known, maker, any information relative to identifying the product. Be honest and be clear and discriptive as possible. Products sell better with clear information. Add a photo or more photos if needed. The first photo is free, Ebay charges an insertion fee additional photos. List how product will be shipped, offering to combine shipping when buyers purchase more than one item. Keep a watch on emails for any questions prospective buyers may ask. Answer questions promptly.

Close of Sale

While auction is running, gather up shipping supplies. Have strong boxes for larger items, padded mailing envelops for small items. Tape, bubble wrap or other protective wrap and covering for shipping. Styrofoam peanuts, news paper and other shredded paper will work for packing to protect breakable items.

When auction ends, send invoice. Carefully wrap product and box for shipping. When payment clears, ship product and place a feedback for the customer. If product does not sell, Ebay offers the option of relisting. If the buyer does not pay, Ebay offers a second chance buying to the second highest bidder.

Ebay Fees

At the end of the month, Ebay will invoice the seller any occurred fees. Ebay charges a percentage of the sale as well as any listing fees. Ebay can be paid via paypal.

Ebay can be one means for making extra income and a way to rid the house of clutter. Selling in Ebay can be a profitable hobby as one person’s trash becomes another persons treasure and the seller makes a profit off the transition.