Writing a book and getting it published may seem like lot of work, but it is only the beginning for most authors. Once the book has been published, it is time to start promoting the work. To help market their books and increase their earning potential, many authors will use some of the following strategies to gain readership.

Build a Website

Building a Web site is essential to authors because it serves as an information hub, telling potential readers about the current book, other works, and the author themselves. In today’s information age where everyone looks online for information, the importance of a Web site cannot be understated. A simple Web site can make the difference.

Web sites can be helpful in actual book sales, as well. Web sites that can take credit card or PayPal payments will do the best, as these sites can act on the impulses of site visitors who may find the book intriguing.

And even if authors lack Web building skills, they should not be discouraged as sites are not always difficult to build. Many major hosting services offer templates for customers, making it easy to build and design the page.

Send Out Copies of the Book

When sending copies out, think of places that will provide the most publicity with the least amount of effort. Copies can be sent to book reviewers, libraries, schools, talk show hosts – anyone the author can think of who will talk about the book. Creating a buzz can be very, very helpful.

Contact the Local Media

Newspapers, TV stations and radio stations love doing human interest and news pieces about local people – especially those who are successful. Send a press release to the editor at every local media outlet imaginable. Then follow it up with a phone call to confirm that the editor received the release. If they did not, take the time to explain the book and why it is important to the editor’s readership. Either way, the author should make their pitch while they have the editor on the phone.

Do Book Readings

Schedule readings at local libraries, schools, and book stores. Simply call the person who is in charge at each of these locations and ask about scheduling the task. Be sure to have plenty of extra copies on hand to distribute, as well as a sharpie to sign the books.

And as always, never forget to invite the local media to any reading or event. Follow the same steps listed before: send a press release and follow up with the appropriate editor.

Promoting a book is not necessarily difficult – it just takes some time and effort.