Through the years we have seen the rise of various smokefree organizations. These organizations are formed in a concerted bid to eliminate smoking and prevent the harmful effects of secondhand smoke for non-smokers.

The organizations are established for varying reasons. Some came about from personal crusades against smoking as what happened to Patrick Reynolds. He founded Foundation for a Smokefree Americain his personal struggle to combat smoking due to the loss of his loved ones.

In the process, one can gleaned that smokefree organizations are established based on a valid cause. Smoking in the long run kills. Its harmful effects extend to even non-smokers who inhaled its dangerous smoke. Smoking causes diseases such as lung cancer and heart disease which leads to preventable widespread death. This also contributes to economic and emotional hardships to the smoker and the people surrounding him especially his family. Smoking does not contribute anything positive to the person in particular and to the society, in general.

Organizations efforts geared towards promoting smokefree environment have contributed in preventing would-be smokers especially young people from developing the habit. The awareness campaigns they have started to inform the public on the harmful effects of smoking have to some extent made a number of people think twice before indulging in the habit. This leads to a lower rise in the number of smokers. But the organizations’ efforts need to be continuous for it to be effective.

Some organizations do not only focus on prevention of smoking but also helping those who smoke to quit. Smoking Stinks has a counseling program that dish out advice for people who ones to help their loved ones quit.

American Legacy Foundation which is group of attorneys general in 46 states against smoking is probably the biggest in terms of funding and the most influential. This group not only lobbies for legislations against smoking like Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights but also provides grants worth millions of dollars to fund campaigns against smoking.

American Legacy Foundation also provides information campaign to steer young people away from the dangerous smoking habit. Like Smoking Stinks they also provide adults with ways to help them kick off the habit.

American Lung Association is also another very influential group that exhaust the harmful effects of smoking to promote healthier lungs. American Lung Association is the oldest voluntary health organization in the U.S. A number of its programs is geared towards promoting smoke-free environment. It targets young people For adults who smokes, it has programs to help them quit smoking. American Lung Associations’ long-running efforts resulted in far-reaching effect to promote lung health.

Most of these groups desire to have smoking completely ban in public places due to its harmful effects on non-smokers. They do not espouse the view on ventilation as a healthy alternative because ventilation is not as effective as total ban.

These groups provide programs, research, grants, seminars, free leaflets, videos even concert tours, lobby legislations and other ways to promote their cause effectively. Their approach may vary but it all boils down on how to combat smoking at its earliest stages and even those who already smoke. The most effective method in stopping smoking though is prevention. And the different organizations’ efforts to curb tobacco smoke are geared mainly to prevent the habit.

These methods are also applicable in getting people to stay fit because I believe educational campaigns would always be effective method. Being able to provide facts and approach the problem objectively is always convincing.